The Most Viral Video on Instagram in 2019

This article examines the top five most popular videos on Instagram, from Ester Exposito’s tattoo video to Lady Gaga’s video about her new tattoo. In addition, we will discuss the fourth most popular video on TikTok, Cochin Aquatics. These videos have captured the attention of millennials, as well as aspiring video creators.

Ester Exposito’s video is the most viewed video on Instagram

Ester Exposito is a Spanish actress. She starred in the 2015 short film, “La Mediadora.” Soon after, she landed her first role on the popular Spanish television series Centro Medico, where she played Rosa Martin. The actress also appeared on two episodes of Locked Up.

The actress has been posting massive Instagram engagement numbers in recent months. Her most recent post was a dance to the urban song “El Efecto.” In just 30 minutes, it gained over two million likes and 4.8 million views. Her follower count is also impressive – she has more than 17 million followers.

Ester Exposito is a fitness enthusiast who trains three times a week. Her goal is to tone her abs and legs. Her favorite type of workout is HIIT. She also enjoys resistance training. Her music choices range from Maroon 5 to Sam Smith.

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Lady Gaga’s tattoo video is the most liked post on instagram

A video of Lady Gaga getting a tattoo has broken Instagram’s record of most liked post. The video has over one billion views and 700 thousand likes. The star reveals how she got the tattoo on her body while on tour. The tattoo design is a heart tattoo, and was originally meant to be five lines long, but the singer messed up and left off one.

The pop star’s tattoo was created to commemorate her fifth anniversary of the release of her album, ‘Fame’. She has seventeen tattoos on her body, all celebrating different albums. Her tattoos are mostly on her left side, except for the one on her right profile, which she got as a birthday present from her father. However, it’s hard to deny that the ink looks very painful.

Lady Gaga also got a tattoo on her right arm, spelling out her name in music. The tattoo originally had four lines, but she later added a fifth line after she realized her mistake. The tattoo also features a peace sign and a cluster of daisies and roses.

Cochin Aquatics’ video is one of the most viewed posts on instagram

Instagram videos can show a company’s culture and memorable moments. A recent video from Cochin Aquatics is a good example. It shows a woman feeding a school of Koi and smiling at the camera. This type of post is appealing to millennials and aspiring video creators alike.

TikTok’s fourth most popular video

In Q1 of 2019, TikTok recorded 188 million new users, up from 110 million in Q1 2018. In 2018, the app passed the one billion download mark on the App Store and Google Play. The platform also saw 667 million first-time downloads last year, making it the fourth most popular app among non-game users.

There are several ways to boost your video’s visibility and popularity on the platform. First, make sure your caption compel viewers to engage. Try using a mysterious title or asking questions that encourage viewers to watch your entire video. The second way to increase engagement is by interacting with other users and creating a community for your brand. TikTok has an algorithm that will prioritize videos with more comments, so keep that in mind!

Another way to find trending content on TikTok is to follow trend setters. These individuals often post a trend within a couple of days, so it’s important to follow them closely. It’s also important to check trend setters’ videos regularly. Brands can make use of the TikTok app’s popularity by creating content that is interesting and informative.

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