Things to remember when you visit the Shooting range at any Greater Noida Shooting Academy

Known for its enormous qualities for encouraging activities and building self-esteem and confidence, shooting allows growth in a person- both physically and mentally. Although the name of shooting gives a feeling of thrill, there are several factors that one should remember when they are visiting a shooting range at Greater Noida Shooting Academy for the first time.

Take a stock of your supplies

Preparation beforehand is very much necessary when you are visiting a shooting range. The first and foremost requirement is to take stock of the supplies including the safety equipment, the cleaning supplies for the gun, and the most important thing- the ammunition.

In case you do not have something particular, it’s wise to call the ranges and check beforehand if you can get it from the shooting site.

Be mindful of restrictions

Typically the ranges might have some rules and restrictions regarding the weapons that are allowed inside the premises. For instance, ammunition with steel cases is generally barred inside indoor shooting ranges because of their abilities to spark fire. So, it is better to check the rules beforehand.

Take note of what you are wearing

It is of extreme importance to be mindful of appropriate dressing while visiting a shooting range at Greater Noida Shooting Academy. The proper attire for visiting the range should ideally include the,

  1. Personal Protective Equipment including protection for eyes and ears.
  2. Pants that are comfortable and preferably have several pockets and space.
  3. Covered long sleeve shirts are recommended to avoid accidents such as hot brass falling inside the shirt.
  4. Sturdy and comfortable shoes.

Ask when in confusion

One must never feel afraid or uncomfortable to ask questions especially when they are trying to get acquainted with a new shooting range.

Check-in before entering the shooting range

There is nothing to feel uncomfortable about if the range officer runs an inspection of the weapons or ammunition you are carrying on your first visit to the shooting range. The officer might also observe you while you are performing the first couple of shots. This is for safety purposes as the officer might want to feel comfortable with a newcomer in the shooting range.

Stay alert and respectful of the rules

One cannot be excused for their ignorance about the rules on a shooting range. Therefore, it is very important to follow the rules because otherwise you might need to leave the range or you might harm the other shooters.

The most basic rules are as follows:

  • Weapons should be carried in a case
  • Guns should not be loaded when you are entering or leaving the range
  • Always remain careful about the direction of the gun
  • Stay away from the trigger until the moment to shoot
  • Know the common range commands beforehand


While shooting might seem to be a fun sport, it demands responsibility on the part of the shooter too. So, it is better to stay aware of the dos and don’ts before entering a shooting range.

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