Three Mind-Blowing Strategies to Use PPC in Facebook Ads

As I licked the Dorito-decorated cheese from my fingers during my junior year in college,(followers on facebook) I realized I was letting my guard down. After finishing a carton of Ben & Jerry’sJerry’s breakfast, I felt something stirring in my brain and started running.Ads on Facebook Image of a man super excited about the Facebook advertising hacks.One mile became two miles, and two into three.Click Here

 I started to see results from my new running routine. It had a positive impact on my energy and confidence.

 However, I was still not at my ideal weight after graduation. After four years of binging on pizza and beer, I was still 20 pounds heavier than before graduation. I decided to run a half-marathon. It seemed impossible to run 13.1 miles at the time. I am proud to say that I have completed eight half-marathons and two full marathons.

Advertisements on Facebook

After completing the Boston Marathon, this is me sitting on a duck.

What does this story have to do with Facebook advertising and paid search? Paid search was a way to expand your business. Although you are pleased with the results, you may not be able to convert search traffic to customers. It’sIt’s possible that you are overlooking a large number of qualified leads. You’reYou’re likely to limit your business’sbusiness’s potential to advertising only on paid searches.

Why social media?

Today, unlocking and swiping an iPhone is one of an infant’s first skills. My 14-month-old nephew can open multiple apps without even being able to form sentences. People are connected via their phones, tablets, desktops, and iPads. According to BI Intelligence, Americans spend more time on social networking than any other Internet activation, including email.

But what about your audience? Let’sLet’s take a look at the numbers. As of August 2015

  • Facebook boasts 1.49 billion active monthly users.
  • Twitter has 316 million monthly active users.
  • Google+ and Instagram have 300 million active monthly users each.
  • LinkedIn boasts approximately 97 million monthly active members.

Facebook is more than any country on Earth! But your audience is already there. How can you reach them? Strategically using Facebook ads is a sure way to get the right people when they are ready to buy.

But why should I pay to play?

Good question. Good question. Facebook was originally a platform for college students to share photos, and jokes, plan parties, and exchange information. The space is now cluttered with singles searching for love, parents following their children, and businesses building their brands and promoting their products.

An organic social strategy is essential for loyal customers, site visitors, and investors looking for information about your business. These scenarios cannot account for people who haven’thaven’t been exposed to your business or distracted shoppers who forget about products and offerings they found through search.

Note : how to get followers on facebook business page

The moral of this story is that you have a tremendous opportunity to grow your audience and re-connect past visitors using ads on Facebook to encourage them to convert.

Three Mind-Blowing Strategies to Use Your PPC Data For Advertising on Facebook

You’veYou’ve created a Facebook page and agreed to Facebook’sFacebook Terms Of Service. Now what? Facebook ads can be as tricky as a Rubik’sRubik’s cube. You have to choose which content you want to promote, build compelling ads, allocate your budget correctly, and place your ads in front of the most relevant people.

You can leverage your paid search data to advertise on Facebook similarly. These are just a few hacks you can use to get started.

#1: The VIP Socializer

Quality Score refers to the search as a relevant score to Facebook. Poetic, right? You’reYou’re probably familiar with the importance of maintaining high-Quality Scores in paid searches to get better results for less money. The mystery quality score considers factors such as click-through rate and relevancy (keywords to ad text to landing page). This determines a score from 1-10, with ten being the highest. A click with a Quality Score of 5 or higher will result in a discount. With a Quality Score of 9, you might end up in position two but still pay less per click than an advertiser in position 3. You get more visibility at a lower cost.

Facebook’sFacebook’s relevance score is the same! An ad’s relevance score is determined in the same way as CTR. Post engagement (think likes and shares, comments) plays the most significant role in determining its Quality to get followers on facebook free

Instagram Ad Features

The trick is to “VIP Socialize” on Facebook by taking the best CTR ad copy from your display/paid search ads and repurposing it in your Facebook ads. You can create derivative ideas from the paid search ads that have generated the highest CTR’sCTR. This will make it more likely that your strategy will work on other platforms such as Facebook. This will result in higher relevancy scores on social media and a better ROI. This is an excellent place for you to begin!

#2: The Savvy Social Stalker

PPC search clicks add up! Even those that don’tdon’t turn into customers. Marketers get frustrated with paid search because they spend all their budget on clicks that never convert into customers. But the problem isn’tisn’t paid search. The problem is that marketers aren’taren’t taking steps to promote these leads further down the funnel.

Your ad was clicked, and someone visited your website. This is a positive sign. They are interested in something at some level. However, they need more encouragement. You have thousands of marketing messages crammed into their tiny brains. Give your PPC leads a boost by remarketing to non-converts on the search through social.Read more

This technique is often called “The Savvy Social Stalker” because although remarketing can be creepy (and even more effective), it can also become more relevant and practical. When done via ads on Facebook. You don’t have to remarket to everyone who visits your website, but only a tiny percentage of people are most likely to purchase from you.

Social remarketing differs from Google Display Network (GDN) because you can target more precisely. You can, for example, remarket to people who came through search with a specific age group, certain job titles, and specified interests. Facebook’sFacebook’s remarketing via customer audiences makes it easier to target visitors who are more likely to purchase your products.

  • Facebook ads: Creating a Customer Audience
  • Facebook ads for demographic targeting

#3 Cloning the Cream of the Crop

Who wouldn’twouldn’t like to clone their converters? Although you may not have believed it possible to grow your audience further, the power of Facebook ads and lookalike audiences makes it possible. You can reach more people with similar traits to your existing customer base by creating lookalike audiences (think gender, age, and interests).

You can “clone the cream of the crop,” which combines the power of lookalike audiences and customers who have converted through search to help you target demographically similar people. How can you do this? You can use the conversion pixel on your PPC landing pages to create an audience similar to your existing audience on Facebook. This will allow you to increase your reach to new audiences more likely to convert as their clones have transformed.

Moral of the story? Don’tDon’t be a leisurely 3-miler. Instead, become the marathon runner in your industry. Start converting more leads into customers using paid search and ads on Facebook to do money marketing.

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