Veterinarians and doctors also use ketamine as an anaesthetic. Some people use it illegally for recreational purposes..

As a dissociative drug, ketamine alters the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain, leading to hallucinations, distorted perceptions of sound, and a general sense of disconnection from the external world.

Powdered ketamine, when sold illicitly, is typically a shade of white. Additionally, it can be compressed into pills or dissolved in water.

Researchers are testing ketamine’s efficacy as a depression treatment in clinical trials. The preliminary data looks promising. Buyers can buy ketamine online too.

Alternate Labels:

You can call them whatever you like: horse trank, special K, ket, kitkat, super k, or special K.

In what ways might it be put to use?

Ketamine is a versatile drug that can be ingested, snorted, or injected. It’s also sometimes smoked with cannabis or tobacco. If injected, ketamine can begin to work in as little as one minute; if snorted, it can take 5-15 minutes; if eaten, it can take up to 30 minutes. It takes around an hour to feel its full effects, although it can impair coordination and perceptions for up to 24 hours after consumption.

Ketamine’s Repercussions:

Use of drugs, at whatever degree, is always dangerous. It’s important to remember that taking any kind of substance is never without danger. Be cautious with any medicine you choose to try.

The effects of ketamine vary from person to person depending on:

  • Considerations of stature, condition, and wellbeing
  • whether the person is used to taking it
  • whether other medicines are taken around the same time
  • the sum extracted
  • the potency of the medicine (varies from batch to batch)

Possible side effects include:

  • feeling cheerful and relaxed
  • a sense of disconnection from one’s physical self (a “k-hole experience”).
  • hallucinations, both visual and auditory
  • Clumsiness and bewilderment
  • elevated blood pressure and pulse rate
  • slurred speech and impaired vision
  • stress, panic, and aggressive behaviour
  • vomiting
  • lowered sensitivity to pain


Overdosing on ketamine is possible if you take too much of it or if you use a particularly potent batch.

Given that ketamine can render a person unconscious without significantly affecting their airway reflexes or blood circulation, the risk of fatality from using it alone is modest.

Nonetheless, ketamine users are more likely to experience physical harm or accidents.

If you or someone else is experiencing any of the following conditions, dial 000 for an ambulance immediately (paramedics won’t need to contact the police):

  • immobility, muscle stiffness
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • convulsions
  • experiences of unconsciousness and “near death”
  • death.

When you wake up from a ketamine high, you could feel:

  • Disappearing Memories
  • hazy perception, disorientation
  • clumsiness
  • body pains
  • anxiety.

Ketamine in combination with other substances:

Combining ketamine with other drugs, whether they are available over-the-counter or by prescription, can have unpredictable and perhaps harmful effects.

  • Combining ketamine with another depressive medication, such as alcohol or opiates, can cause the heart and lungs to cease working, which can be fatal.
  • Rapid heart rate may result from the combination of ketamine and stimulants including amphetamines, ecstasy, and cocaine.
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