To Become a Better Photographer

Today, I just want to donate a few lessons that I learned in a long career as a professional photographer. I hope that some of these concepts will help you too.

At this point in most of my articles that I will declare a clear expression of how we are all different, how my opinion is based on my own experience, and some other things that should be clear but not always clear to all readers. However, I will miss that section this time, because many of my standard forgiving will be discussed in the points below. Right, this is my personal opinion. But, I believe that this is a dilemma that every artist will find at several points in their career, regardless of your shooting style of malibu wedding photographer or specialization. So, let us go straight in.

Don’t be confused for skills

Okay, I think I need to do one stress. The camera is cool. Very cool. If you don’t feel that way, this is a good opportunity that you will go to a different career path. And, we, as photographers, form a special bond with a selected camera that we choose who oppose all logic and can border emotional attachment. Besides, they are only metal assemblies, plastic, glass and rubber. They are not human. But, like the sad lights in IKEA advertisements, we seem to pile up these tools with the same level of affection as unfortunately we have denied our oldest children.

Because this emotional bond can be so strong, we tend to give a lot of emphasis on which cameras we use to do our trade. Every time we see a good picture, we ask, what kind of camera he uses? Or, I wondered what lens did he shoot? We entered into a debate that did not make sense in the internet comment where we questioned each other’s qualifications to be there just because others had chosen to shoot with Nikon, not Sony. Somehow, we seem to have bought a marketing hype and internalized the idea that the camera that took pictures and not humans who operated it.

But the simple fact is that you most likely have every equipment you need to be a great photographer. Of course, you may be included in certain photography genres that require certain types of lenses or certain specs in the body. However, when it comes to become a great photographer, there is no physical product that you can buy that will replace the lack of training.

An average photographer with a $ 20,000 medium format system will not produce better images than a great photographer with a used $ 300-aged DSLR who has taken the time to learn how to use it. Of course, the $ 20,000 camera will give you a number of pixel density and/or allow you to photograph so many frames per second so that the cheaper camera may not be provided objectively. But people don’t see a good picture and say, “Wow, look at all the megapixels!” They saw a good picture and said, “Wow, see how he uses light.” “Wow, I can’t believe he can catch the right moment.” “Friend, Oh Man, I don’t know how they did the shot. I will never think about that. “

That is a type of reaction that you only get when you take the time to really do your expertise. Talent is only the starting point. Taking time outside the spotlight to develop that talent into repeated skills is something that may not always come with praise, but is the key to truly reaching a height in photography that we all dream.

Buying new equipment is very fun. Too fun, according to my own bank account. But you cannot buy skills and talents. If you can, everyone with a large bank account will become a great artist. True skills only come from doing hard work behind the scenes to be better. And that is not something that can be measured.

Understand that there is no one way to become an artist

I remember one of my initial breakthroughs as a photographer from a very impossible source for advice. That was the beginning in my photography journey, and I was still in fashion trying to learn the basis. Actually, I think it is more accurate to say that I was on my journey, I already had several success, but really flew with my pants and natural talent chairs rather than having technical knowledge to support some of the things that I just did instincts.

In an effort to make my craft following my creativity, I began to devour every basic photography book that I can get. Some things I already know. But going to ABC again is an extraordinary refresher course that helps me put more substances behind what I do. I still repeat the practice of re -studying the basis of this day, almost twenty years, because I found that you were never too wise to humble yourself and try to learn a little more. That is in accordance with everything in life. I happen to be a photographer.

So, there I read this instructional manual about how to expose photos accurately, and the author slipped a sentence that had been attached to me more than anything in this book. While explaining how to achieve the correct exposure, it shows that the term “correct exposure” is a little wrong. Yes, there is a correct exposure mathematically for certain photos. If you measure the lights, atmosphere, subjects, and others, you can land with the right combination of the arrangement that will make the middle gray. Knowing how to do it is the step of one photography, so it’s important not to ignore it.

But who said that the “true” exposure? May be mathematically true. But that does not mean that it is the right exposure for the picture you are trying to make. Maybe you want the picture to be dark to indicate something unpleasant in murky details. Maybe you want the picture to feel too opponent to convey the idea of ​​electricity or poisoning. Whatever the reason, technically it is not always the same as being true in the actual practice. There are one million and one way you can choose to make photos, and only you can decide what is correct.

Keep moving your goalpost

Often, including in the previous segment of this essay, I will emphasize to photographers like reptacular ranch how important it is to develop your own voice. Finding your unique aesthetics and your place in the world is far more difficult than sounding. More often than not, this is the same photo exploration of photo and in -depth psychological analysis. The photography section is much more fun. But self -analysis is very important in finding meaningful jobs in any profession.

Even worse than knowing that, at a certain point, you really need to explore what makes you beat below the surface to really hone the best version of yourself as an artist, it is known that once you finally appear answers that are difficult to understand, You might only find that the person you did a few years ago is no longer someone like now.

When gray hair continues to multiply, as well as the hopes and hopes that we have for our lives. When we just started, we imagine that, one day, we will reach the point in our professional and personal life when we feel as if we have arrived. We will feel that we finally “were there,” wherever “there”.

And, if you have enough good fortune, there is an honest opportunity that one day you might find yourself standing at the top of the mountain overlooking the ocean waves below and stating confidently that you really have reached everything you are Do it to do to do. If Life is a film, this is where the picture will begin to fade into the rolling credit, which is close to the Oscar nomination track that Bruce Springsteen will make the audience walk out with happy tears in their eyes.

By MuhammadJunaid

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