Top 5 Tips For Purchasing Assistive Technology

The NDIS is a government-funded program that supports disabled people in Australia. As part of the NDIS, individuals can access a range of assistive technology that can help them improve their independence, communication, and participation in daily activities.

When choosing assistive technology as part of the NDIS, there are several important factors to consider to ensure that the technology selected is appropriate and effective for the individual’s needs. 

Below are some tips you can use to help you out:

Consider The Cost And Availability Of Funding

Assistive technology ndis can be expensive, and when considering getting one, it’s important to consider its availability and if NDIS will fund it. 

Usually, NDIS won’t fund the AT if:

  • It relates to your day-to-day living costs 
  • It is similar or relates to other support already funded

To be sure that NDIS will fund the AT, you need to ensure it will help you meet your individual goals and aspirations, be beneficial and effective for your well-being, and offer value for money.

If NDIS does not fund the assistive technology, you can look into different funding sources, such as grants or insurance coverage or negotiate payment plans or discounts with the vendor. It is also important to carefully budget and prioritise the essential assistive technology needs.

Research And Compare Options And Prices

Many types of assistive technology are available. With the help of the best NDIS plan manager, you need to research and shop around for different offers and prices. The process may also involve the following: 

  • Looking at product reviews 
  • Talking to friends and family 
  • Consulting with professionals or experts 
  • Comparing prices 
  • Trying out different products in person

It is also crucial to consider the assistive technology’s long-term support, maintenance needs and any potential compatibility issues with other technologies or devices the user may be using.

Identify Individual-Specific Needs

When purchasing assistive technology, you must consider your specific needs. These could include your physical abilities, cognitive abilities, communication needs, daily activities and environment. Identifying your specific needs makes it possible to select the most appropriate and effective assistive technology solution. Think of the tasks you will be performing. If the AT is hardware or software, will you use it at the office alone or at home too? Is it something that will stay on the desk, or will you have to carry it around?

Get an AT Provider that Knows NDIS

Purchase assistive technology from a provider who knows and understands how NDIS works. They already have the information and insights that can help guide your purchase. Most are registered under NDIS and offer low prices. It becomes easy to search for what you are looking for from their sites and make a purchase.

Need For Training & Support

When getting assistive technology support, undergoing necessary training is vital for working with professionals like the best NDIS Plan manager, occupational therapists, and assistive technology specialists. 

Training also helps access online resources and user communities. Since most of the AT have extensive support features and sometimes getting the hang of them can be overwhelming, proper support and training ensure that you use the assistive technology effectively and efficiently. It will also help you get the most benefit from the technology.These tips are crucial in helping disabled people get the best-suited assistive technology through NDIS. Individuals with NDIS plans can maximise benefits by improving their independence, communication, and participation in daily activities.

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