Top 7 Best Tennis Racket Brands in 2022

At the point when you are simply beginning to play tennis, everything can overpower you. There are countless standards, various shots you really want to learn, various kinds of courts, and in particular, so many different hardware to browse. There are various sorts of balls, shoes, strings, and rackets. What’s more, each racket has various determinations, for example, head size, strain, weight and hold size – which makes the errand of picking a racket for a fledgling extremely challenging.

At the point when you’re racket shopping, you may very well pick the one that is the least expensive, however, that probably won’t be smart. Besides your ability and long stretches of training, a decent racquet will biggest affect your general game. So when it comes time to purchase a racket, you need to ensure you purchase a decent brand of racket.

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#1 – Wilson

All in all, we consider Chicago-based outdoor supplies organization Wilson to be the best tennis racket brand. Wilson manages various games notwithstanding tennis, including b-ball (Mr. Wilson!), volleyball, golf, baseball, and football. Wilson began in 1913 and has been developing from that point onward. Wilson rackets are exceptionally adjusted generally, giving an extraordinary blend of force, control, and contact. By and large, players who use Wilson rackets are the individuals who don’t have a playing style that requires a great deal of topspin – as rackets are not known to give this. Presently, most players in the main 100 of the ATP and WTA use Wilson rackets, which expresses something about the nature of such rackets. Probably the best players to have utilized Wilson are Roger Federer, Serena, and Venus Williams, Juan Martin del Potro, David Goffin, Grigor Dimitrov, Gael Monfils, Kei Nishikori, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Petra Kvitova and Simona Halep.

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#2 – Babolat

Babolat started in France, likewise as a maker of tennis strings. Babolat is really an exceptionally old brand, tracing all the way back to 1875. Babolat strings were taken on by probably the earliest French starters (Suzzane Lenglen, Henri Cochet), which pushed the brand to the focal point of the tennis world. In 1994, Babolat, at last, presented his most memorable line of rackets, and, in 1998, Carlos Moya was the primary man to win a Grand Slam competition utilizing a Babolat racket. From that point forward, Babolat started making shoes and apparel, and a few tennis stars started utilizing the brand’s rackets: Andy Roddick, Fernando Gonzalez, Kim Clijsters, and Lee Na. Before Babolat rackets have been generally utilized by players who have mud as their favored surface, as earth courts as a rule expect players to utilize more topspin, and Babolat rackets are ideally suited for this. Nonetheless, as the game has dialed back pointedly, with hard courts that permit shots to skip high, the Babolat is presently viewed as a decent racquet for all surfaces. Babolat as of now offers 3 fundamental lines of rackets: Pure Aero, Pure Drive, and Pure Strike. These lines are outfitted towards superior execution or even halfway players. The brand additionally offers 5 distinct lines for fledglings: Strike, Aero, Evoque, Drive, and Pulse. The crossbeam lines are lighter and give bigger head sizes, taking into account simpler ball contact. Rackets range in cost from $139 to $249.

#3 – Head

At last, Head is one of the “Huge 3” with regards to tennis rackets. The American-Dutch organization makes gear for significantly more games than different games, including skiing, snowboarding, swimming, and swimming. The organization started fabricating tennis rackets in 1960. The rundown of players that Head addresses are considerably broader than the wide range of various brands referenced previously. A portion of the primary names is John McEnroe, Arthur Ashe, Andre Agassi, Marat Safin, Gustavo Kurten, Goran Ivanisevic, and Robin Soderling, among numerous others. Notwithstanding rackets, Head fabricates balls, shoes, packs, and strings. The principal lines of the head racket are Instinct, Gravity, Speed, Radical and Extreme. Each line is altogether different from the other and they can be utilized by a wide range of players. Most rackets range from $129 to $229.

#4 – Yonex

The super Asian tennis racket brand is Yonex, a Japanese brand that has become progressively famous throughout the long term. The organization really began as a maker of badminton rackets and in 1969 it began creating tennis rackets too.

Yonex previously became famous when it marked agreements with tennis legends Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King. A few other fruitful players who addressed Yonex were Monica Seles, Martina Hingis, Richard Krzycek, Marcelo Rios, Ana Ivanovic, and Lleyton Hewitt. In 2019, Yonex offers 5 distinct lines of rackets: Ezone, VCor Pro, VCOR, Astrale, and Junior. Yonex rackets are known to give a great deal of control and power simultaneously, however, expect players to have a “sharp hand” and a solid weapon. Most Yonex rackets range from $169 to $239.

#5 – Technifiber

Technifiber a French racket brandstrings. The organization began in 1983 and later moved into the tennis balls market, and at last, started making its own racquets in 2004. While the brand is moderately youthful contrasted with a portion of its rivals, it has been certainly acquiring space among the top racquet brands. As of late, Technifibre moved into other racquet sports like Squash and Paddle also. The best tennis players who use Technifibre racquets are Daniil Medvedev, Jeremy Chardy, Janko Tipsarevic, John Millman, and Denis Istomin. Besides Daniil Medvedev, they are players who are typically positioned between the main 30 and 100 of the ATP rankings. On the ladies’ side, the best Technifibre delegate is Daria Kasatkina. As of now, Techinifibre offers 4 unique lines of racquets, 3 of them equipped for male players and 1 for females. The 3 racquet lines for guys are the T-Fight, T-Flash, and T-Fit, while the 1 for females is the T-Rebound. The costs for the racquets range from $149 to $199.

#6 – Prince

Ruler is a games material producer that centers solely around tennis hardware. Ruler is an American organization, established in 1970 in Princeton, New Jersey. Correspondingly to Dunlop, Price has lost a lot of pieces of the pie to Head, Wilson, and Babolat.

Ruler racquets are known to provide players with a ton of force (and not that much control), which is one reason why the organization might have lost a portion of the overall industry. As tennis matches become longer and more physical, players need to keep up with control all through the match – which makes them search for different brands.

Right now, Prince offers 5 unique lines of racquets: Beast, Premier, Tour, Phantom, Attack, and Pink Series. The majority of the new models range from $89 to $189.

#7 – Dunlop

Dunlop Sports has some expertise in the assembling of golf and tennis hardware. The British organization began as a producer of elastic products in 1889, and later entered the game’s world. Dunlop entered the tennis market by assembling tennis balls, and even today, what will be will be generally known for. While the previous many years, Dunlop rackets have lost a piece of the pie to top brands like Head, Babolat, and Wilson, however, it was an extremely common brand before. A portion of tennis’s most noteworthy legends utilized Dunlop racquets in their heyday: Steffi Graf, Martina Navratilova, Rod Laver, and John McEnroe. Right now, the best players who use Dunlop racquets are Kevin Anderson in singles and Jamie Murray in pairs. At present, Dunlop has 3 primary lines of racquets: CV, CX, and CZ Series. The CV Series is more qualified for players who hit shots with topspin, the CX Series fits well for powerhouses, and the CZ series is perfect for players who like to stir things up around the town level. Costs for these racquets range from $169 to $229 each.

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