Top Full Over Full Bunk Beds

Having the best top full over full bunk beds makes completes the ideal bedroom look for kids. We have made the ideal list for you to choose from!

Bunk beds have always been popular with families that have to accommodate multiple sleeping arrangements in one bedroom. By placing the beds one on top of other, you can make the most of the space on your floor and also accommodate a number of individuals.

Basic bunk beds – a twin bed that is stacked on top of another twin bed aren’t the only option for fitting two beds into the space. You can also find triple-stacked bunk beds as well as a twin bed placed over a larger bed, or a complete bed that is stacked on top of a full bed. Trundle beds and trundle beds are another way to pack many sleeping places in a small space.

Popular Types of Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are available in a variety of designs to meet a range of requirements.

Basic Bunk Bed

The bunk bed is the basic one. It comprises two twin beds that are stacked over one another. It is possible to access the upper bunk by climbing up a ladder. They’re an excellent option for reducing space and permitting two persons to share a bedroom without consuming a lot of area. This type of design is usually the most cost-effective. A few bunk beds are stacked with two beds of the same size. The majority of basic bunk beds can be dismantled and used as stand-alone beds.

Futon Bunk Bed

A futon bed can be described as similar to a traditional bunk bed but has an additional futon in place of an actual bed at the lower floor. The bed that is lofted is usually twin-sized, but it could be double. It can be used as a sofa or folds out into the bed. It’s an ideal choice for families that often have sleepover guests or teenagers who need an area to sit within their bedrooms.

Trundle Bunk Bed

If you have to fit two guests in one room and sometimes invite guests to stay overnight A trundle bunk bed may be the perfect option for your bunk. It is a standard bunk bed with a 3rd style bed that is a trundle under the bunk below. The trundle bed is usually rolled out on casters , which secure into position to help stabilize it. Although trundle bunk beds typically come with twin beds, it is also possible to get full-size beds.

Triple Bunk Bed

Triple bunk beds utilizes the vertical space of a room to the fullest extent. Families with large numbers can make the best utilization of space placing three beds over one another. Triple bunk beds are ideal for holiday homes and cottages homes that frequently host a lot number of guests staying overnight. Triple bunk beds can also be the perfect addition to the AirBnB or vacation rental to boost the number of guests who can stay at the property.

Study Loft

A study loft is either a twin or full-size bed that’s elevated over the open area. It is an ideal option for bedrooms that aren’t big enough to accommodate area to accommodate several furniture pieces. The area under the bed is often used for desks however it could also be used as a place to sit or for storage. Certain study lofts have built-in desks as well as other storage options. Junior lofts are variations of the study loft however, they are smaller than the surface. They’re designed to fit smaller kids’ play spaces.


The twin-overfull design of bunk beds can be compared to the traditional bunk bed but with one distinction in that the bottom bed is a full-sized bed. This is a great arrangement for families looking to provide a bigger bed for a child who is older. The arrangement is more open visually than two beds of the same size that are stacked one on top of other. As with basic bunk beds twin-over-full bunks may be removed from the stack and utilized separately.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Bunk Bed

Learn the important things to remember when you are looking for the perfect bunk beds for your house.

Available Space

The dimensions of the bedroom that must accommodate the ideal bunk bed design for you. The standard bunk bed is among the most effective ways to use space for families that have to house two children in one room. A study loft will help make your room seem larger as it makes use of the vertical space in your room as extra living space. Bunk beds that have built-in storage are beneficial when space is limited since they can serve as a substitute for an armoire.

Number of Sleepers

The amount of sleepers you have to accommodate is among the primary considerations when choosing bunk beds. Lofts for juniors and study lofts are great for space saving, but they only can allow for one person. Certain families require room for the occasional additional sleeper. futon and trundle bunk beds can be used for this.


Both metal and wood are often used to build frame for bunk beds. Both can be sturdy and safe, therefore the decision is mostly an aesthetic choice.

Metal bunk beds tend to be cheaper. They also are lighter and therefore are the best option if you travel frequently. The design of their clothes is typically simple and minimalist.

Wooden bunk beds are an appearance that is more traditional. They can be constructed from wood like pine, oak, wood as well as engineered wooden. They tend to be more expensive and weigh more than their metal counterparts.

Weight Capacity

The capacity for weight of bunk beds is the the weight that a bed frame can safely hold. Make sure to consider that of the bedding and mattress as well as the sleeper’s weight when determining if bunk beds are sturdy enough for your needs. The majority of bunk beds are utilized in rooms for children however certain bunk beds are designed for adults and come with heavier weight limits.


A few bunk beds come with built-in storage. This is useful in the event that you don’t have enough space for an armoire. The most basic form of bunk bed storage includes an elevated lower bed with drawers beneath. Certain bunk beds come with innovative storage options like drawers that are in the stairs leading towards the higher bunk.

Safety Features

The upper bunks should be secured with guardrails which extend at least 5 inches over the mattress’s top. It is also essential that the ladder of your bunk bed is secured. Also, make sure your child is aware of how to use the bunk bed safely to reduce risk.

Additional Features

Certain bunk beds have other options.

USB ports let users charge their devices from their bedside even while they rest.

Extra-high guardrails permit you to make use of a mattress at any height, without compromising security.

Themes can be found for kids’ rooms. A lot of loft and bunk beds are designed to make them look like castles or houses, which makes bedtime a lot of fun.

Our Top Picks

Explore the most comfortable bunk beds for sale in a variety of categories in light of our buying criteria.

Max & Lily Bunk Bed

The bed frames that is included can support up 400 pounds, which means it’s sturdy and appropriate for teenagers, children or even adults. These beds have pine wood slats and as a support bar made of metal. The guardrails measure 14 inches taller than the average, offering more security, even when you have a an extra thick mattress (up to 9 inches) on the top bunk. It is recommended as one of the best top full over full bunk beds.

The frame is constructed of New Zealand pine wood and coated with paint that is low-VOC. It has a built-in removable ladder with treads that are grooved for safety when climbing. Twin beds can be placed on top of each other or used as a pair.

DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed

The cheapest alternative from DHP offers two twin beds set in a minimalist metal frame, with sleek designs that are suitable for all style of decor. The front-facing ladder is attached to the frame, and it is slanted to allow easy climbing. The ladder has full-length guardrails that are attached to the top bunk to ensure maximum security. The bunk bed isn’t as high as other beds and can be utilized in rooms with ceiling of as low as seven feet. The upper bunk can accommodate as much as 200 pounds, while the lower bunk can accommodate upwards of 250 pounds. It is recommended as one of the best top full over full bunk beds.

The Best Bunk Beds Option: DHP Triple Metal Bunk Bed

If you and your children share the same room, but you also have guests who want to sleep over the bunk bed might be the perfect option. The bed comes with four casters with easy-glide which make it easy to get out of the lower bunk. 2 of them are locked in place , ensuring the stability of the bed. Both the frame as well as the slats made of steel and there’s an integrated ladder. The top bunk comes with 11.5-inch high guardrails that cover the four sides. It is recommended as one of the best top full over full bunk beds.

The maximum weight of that upper bed is 200 pounds, and the lower bunk and trundle bed can are able to hold up to 250lbs. The maximum height of the mattress of the bunk above as well as the trundle is 6 inches.

The Best Bunk Beds Option: DHP Twin-Over-Futon Convertible Couch

The twin-over-futon bunk bed from DHP is an excellent option for a teenager’s bedroom in which extra seating is required. It can be used as a sofa during the dayand then converted to a bed that is large enough for sleepovers. The upper bunk is equipped with steel guardrails on the four sides and built-in ladders at both sides. The frame is made of steel and includes slats made of metal beneath the upper bunk as well as the futon frame. Maximum weight limit of in the bunk bed is 200 pounds and the maximum weight limit on the futon bed capacity is 600lbs. The futon mattress cannot be included in this bed. It is recommended as one of the best top full over full bunk beds.

The Best Bunk Beds Option: Dorel Living Moon Full Over Full Bunk Bed

Dorel’s Full Over Full Bunk bed with a capacity of 500lbs, is able to comfortably accommodate older children or teenagers. Bed frames are constructed from rubber wood and comes with an old-fashioned Mission style design that is compatible with a variety of design styles.  It is recommended as one of the best top full over full bunk beds. A ladder and a full guardrail are integrated into.

The bed also has 2 USB chargers that plug into the wall outlet closest to you for kids to charge their devices as they rest.

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