Treating Bipolar Disorder by Marijuana

Is it possible treating bipolar disorder by marijuana? A positive answer to that can be a sign of hope to bipolar patient and we have the answer for you!

Bipolar disorders is an mental health issue which can cause severe shifts in your mood. It can cause low depressive episodes, as well as high manic episodes. These mood swings are both extreme and inexplicably unpredictable.

People who suffer from bipolar disorder may also exhibit symptoms of psychosis , such as:

illusions (seeing and hearing sounds that don’t exist)

Delusions (believing something is real, even though it doesn’t)

The emotional lows and highs of bipolar disorder may greatly hinder a person’s ability perform in daily life. There is no cure for bipolar disorder. However, treatments can be helpful.

The standard treatments, like prescribed medications and therapies, can assist a person in managing their mood as well as other symptoms. Researchers continue to investigate different treatment options such as medical marijuana.

However, is it really is it safe? What do we have to know about the advantages and disadvantages of using marijuana in patients suffering from bipolar disorder.

Marijuana to be used as an option for treating other health issues

Marijuana comes an extract of the cannabis plant, that’s dried leaves, stems and seeds can be consumed, smoked and “vaped.”

Marijuana is a source of cannabinoids, which are compounds. These compounds include a chemical called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. It is the component in marijuana that makes people get “high.”

Although medical marijuana and marijuana aren’t legally legal in every state medical professionals are investigating how these compounds can alleviate certain symptoms for people who suffer from chronic ailments.

As per NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) The compounds found in marijuana can assist in the treatment of symptoms like:

appetite loss


Muscle control issues



Today, there are medicines that contain substances that are similar to cannabinoids but don’t cause people to feel high. A good example of this is dronabinol (Marinol) that doctors recommend for patients suffering from cancer to boost their appetite.

The consumption of marijuana or smoking marijuana as a whole can aid in reducing adverse effects of certain conditions like certain kinds of cancer. But, research hasn’t been as conclusive as it concerns bipolar disorder.

Research that supports the use of marijuana in treatment for bipolar disorder

Since marijuana has anxiety-reducing effects, many believe it could help those suffering from bipolar disorder improve their mood.

A few studies have found no negative effects of marijuana consumption, whereas others have discovered actual advantages. Examples include:

Mental impairment is low and improved mood

A pilot study that was published in 2016 showed that individuals with bipolar disorder didn’t suffer an impairment in their mental health when they used marijuana in comparison to people who didn’t have bipolar disorder who did not use marijuana.

Some critics of marijuana usage to treat bipolar disorder argue that it alters the person’s memory and thinking. This study found this to be the case. Found the answer to treating bipolar disorder by marijuana yet? Read more!

The study also revealed that, after taking marijuana, those suffering from bipolar disorder showed better moods.

Mood-enhancing and more positive perspective

A study released in 2015 showed that the use of marijuana in patients with bipolar disorder improved their mood and led to an optimistic outlook. The researchers also found that individuals had a higher likelihood to consume the drug when they were having a great day, mood-wise and not when their symptoms were more severe.

It’s crucial to remember that the research on positive effects of marijuana for bipolar disorders is in its early stages. Additionally, marijuana affects individuals in different ways, and these findings don’t mean that marijuana will benefit all who suffers from bipolar disorder.

Negative findings from research on marijuana use in bipolar disorders

Researchers have found that marijuana usage can make the symptoms of bipolar disorder more intense for certain individuals. Some of their research studies include:

Manic episodes that trigger or worsening the symptoms

A review that was published in early 2015 showed that taking marijuana could cause manic symptoms to worsen in people suffering from bipolar disorder. It was also discovered that marijuana usage can trigger manic episodes.

Additionally, the 2015 study that mentioned benefits of marijuana usage, also revealed that it aggravated depressive or manic symptoms in a few people.

More likely to be suicide attempts and the earliest symptoms

According to a study conducted in 2015, suicide attempts rates among people suffering from bipolar disorder were higher among the people who smoked marijuana than those who didn’t .

The study also showed that those who smoked marijuana were more youthful at the time of the time of onset for bipolar disorder (when symptoms first began) as compared to those who did not make use of the drug. This is of concern since doctors believe that an earlier age of onset can cause more severe symptoms for a person throughout their life. Found the answer to treating bipolar disorder by marijuana yet?

The impact of marijuana on the symptoms and rates of suicide wasn’t yet clear, but researchers claimed.

Although marijuana can help sufferers of Bipolar Disorder, studies suggest that it can be a problem for other people affected by the disorder.

Marijuana and bipolar disorder as well as genetics

Studies have also revealed that marijuana use can have a different effect on people depending on their genetic makeup.

According to NIDA The NIDA states that people with particular genes tend to suffer from psychosis. For instance, those who carry an abnormal variation in the gene AKT1 are more likely suffer from psychosis. The risk is greater if they smoke marijuana.

Also, psychosis risks from adolescent use of marijuana have been linked with a genetic variation in the gene that controls an enzyme called catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT).

If you are suffering from bipolar disorder and are thinking about taking marijuana to treat discuss with your physician about conducting tests for these and other genetic variations. Found the answer to treating bipolar disorder by marijuana yet?

The main takeaway

There isn’t enough research available to determine if marijuana use to treat bipolar disorders is positive thing or not.

Certain people have reported positive effects like a boost in mood. Others have reported negative side effects, for example, a worsening of suicidal or maniatic thoughts. More research is required on the effects of marijuana on bipolar disorder as well as the long-term effects associated with long-term usage.

The thing that doctors realize is that marijuana doesn’t nearly as efficient as prescription medications and therapy in controlling those symptoms that are associated with bipolar disorder. If you suffer from this condition, you must be certain to adhere to the treatment program prescribed by your physician.

If you’re thinking about the use of medical marijuana, talk with your doctor about the advantages and disadvantages first. If you do decide to give it a shot make sure you keep your doctor informed about the effects it has on you.

Together you and your doctor will determine if this is an appropriate addition to your treatment regimen.

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By Michael Caine

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