UC Santa Cruz Acceptance Rate

Santa Cruz, CA is home to UC Santa Cruz. This college is a public college that focuses only on a few programs. UC Santa Cruz is home to over nineteen thousand students.

Most students who were accepted to UC Santa Cruz had a SAT score in the 1200-1380 range or an ACT composite score of 26-32. The average GPA range of accepted students at UC Santa Cruz is between 3.48 and 3.78, according to the sampled GPA data. 51% of all applicants get accepted to UC Santa Cruz. Only 13 percent decide to enroll. Based on historical acceptance rates data, the projected UC Santa Cruz accept rate 2021 has been estimated at 47%. More information can be found on the admissions website admissions.ucsc.edu.


In Fall 2020, the overall acceptance rate at University of California-Santa Cruz was 51.3%. This school received over 55.800 college applications. These figures include both in-state and out-of-state applicants. At the moment, we don’t have any data regarding transfer acceptance rates.

Accepted Candidates Profile

UC Santa Cruz ACT Scores: 26 – 32

UC Santa Cruz Average GPA: 3.48 – 3.78

How difficult is it to get into University of California-Santa Cruz

High Applicant Selection

University of California-Santa Cruz offers a competitive selection process to applicants. Most students accepted have a high school GPA and score in the top percentiles of standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT.


How do you get into University of California, Santa Cruz?

The average GPA at University of California-Santa Cruz is 3.6. GPA is required at University of California-Santa Cruz. University of California-Santa Cruz has a very high level of selectivity. This is reflected in the average GPA. Schools in this range often seek to improve their “prestige” and selectivity. Although we can’t predict the thoughts of UC Santa Cruz applicants, they will likely be trying to raise the average GPA to 3.78. To play it safe, we recommend aiming for the 3.78 GPA.

*REMEMBER: A college’s “prestige” and GPA does not necessarily mean it is the right one for you. Although University of California-Santa Cruz might look amazing on paper, you might hate it. Every year 700,000 students transfer schools and end up at the wrong school. You should watch CampusReel videos to get a sense of what it is like to live on UC Santa Cruz’s campus. These UC Santa Cruz admission statistics don’t give enough information about what a college or university looks like.

Do University of California-Santa Cruz require test scores?

University of California-Santa Cruz requires you to take either the SAT/ACT. Below is a table showing how University of California-Santa Cruz students performed on each test. It is possible you are wondering how many scores you should submit. Don’t be afraid to take the test multiple times. The industry consensus says that 6 tests is a reasonable limit.

University of California Santa Cruz SAT Requirements

University of California-Santa Cruz has an average SAT score of 1175. This is the sum of both the math and reading sections of the SAT (the 1600-scale). The table below gives a more detailed look at how students did. It’s also interesting to see the average test score over time. This trend can help you determine whether University of California-Santa Cruz has become more competitive.

University of California, Santa Cruz ACT Requirements

The average ACT score for University of California-Santa Cruz is 82. Your ACT score must be close to the average in order to be considered for University of California-Santa Cruz. You’ll have a harder time getting admitted if your score is lower than the 74. You should aim for a score of at least 91 to consider University of California Santa Cruz as a target school (one you have a good chance of getting in)

How do I get into UC Santa Cruz

These steps will increase your chances of being accepted to UC Santa Cruz. The information you have read will prepare you for the tasks you will need to complete to be eligible to apply to UC Santa Cruz. However, these steps will allow you to go further and make your application stand out.

This is the main academic excellence that conforms to UC Santa Cruz admission standards.

Score at least a 1175 or 82 on SAT.

At least a 3.0 GPA is required.

Get involved in extracurriculars that align with UC Santa Cruz’s values.

You can join your school band, a team of sportsmen or any other group activity. For example, if University of California-Santa Cruz is a big fan of music, you might consider joining an organization that focuses on this topic.

Volunteer in your local community. Santa Cruz offers many ways to get involved, beyond the college. University of California Santa Cruz is looking for applicants who are good ambassadors for their school. They want students who will give back in Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas.

Do something this summer that speaks to your personal values, leadership qualities, and other less quantifiable attributes. UC Santa Cruz must see beyond your grades and test scores. They need to believe that you will contribute to their community. Your experiences and not just your grades will prove that you are more than test scores and grades.

Prepare Your Application

A stellar essay should show University of California-Santa Cruz that you are more than the sum of all other parts of your application. This guide will help you write the perfect college essay.

Teacher recommendations that reflect your character should be sought. You should know your major and include it in your UC Santa Cruz application. At least one recommendation must be made by a teacher from that department.

Apply before the deadline. Students wait too long to submit their applications. This can lead to many problems. Many students apply on the last day of school, so it is possible that UC Santa Cruz’s system crashes. This can lead to additional stress so submit your application a few days before.

Historical Trends and Acceptance Rates 2021 Projection

Historical trend charts show acceptance rates for previous years. We have used this data to project the acceptance rate for the school year 2021-2022. The University of California-Santa Cruz acceptance rate has been declining relative to previous years.

Acceptance rate by year

2016-2017: 56.9%

2017-2018: 50.9%

2018-2019: 47.4%

2020-2020: 51.3%

Projected UC Santa Cruz Acceptance Rate 2021-2022: 47.4%

What Does UC Santa Cruz Compare to Other Universities?

The University of California-Santa Cruz acceptance rate is 11 percent lower than that of the national average of all colleges, which is 56.7%.

Admissions Rates and Enrollment Rates. Details

General Recommendations and Requirements for Admissions

GPA scores at high school are required

Schools records are required

Preparing for college is a must

Standardized Test Scores (SAT and ACT ) are required

ToEFL Exam (Foreign Language Student) is Required

Admissions Opportunities

Santa Cruz University accepts about half of all applicants. It has a selective admissions process that includes high grades and standard test scores. UC Santa Cruz is a holistic school, and admissions officers evaluate students based on more than just numerical data. Students are required to submit four essays that provide insight into their personal lives as part of the application. Students can apply to multiple schools within the University of California system by filling out one application. Even if they have lower grades or test scores, students who demonstrate exceptional talent and/or have compelling stories to share will be given a closer look. Strong essays and impressive extracurricular activities are important components of a successful application for UC Santa Cruz.

California residents must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and a minimum of a C in 15 college preparatory courses. Non-residents must have a minimum GPA of 3.4. Participating high school students may also be eligible if they are among the top 9% in their class.

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