6 Secret Tips And Tactics Regarding UV Coating On Candle Boxes

Candles are like decoration pieces that enhance the house’s sweetness or any special event. All the brands that make these candles make their boxes, in addition to study materials like cardboard. Then, these boxes are designed and styled in various ways to enhance their beauty. In the end, brands can laminate or do any coating to these boxes to complete the overall look of the candle boxes. There are two types of layers that a brand can use for their custom candle boxes:

1. Varnish coating

2. UV coating

Varnish Coating:

This type of transparent coating is a good idea for any brand with a small budget for the lamination process. Varnish coating enhances the look of the candle boxes and protects against fingerprints, smudges, scuffs, etc., so that box doesn’t look untidy and makes the boxes visible to customers. Depending on their ease, even one can do this coating during the printing process and after. It makes Varnish coating can be done on wet and dry ink and saves the worker’s time. But Varnish coating is not as good as Spot UV coatings and is not even eco-friendly. People don’t prefer this type of coating on their candle packaging boxes.

UV coating:

UV coating is the best substitute for lamination. Lamination is an expensive process and is not affordable for all business brands. So, what they can do is go for the spot UV coating. The lamination is waterproof, but the UV coating is not waterproof. It is water-resistant. It means it offers a nearly safe level of protection as lamination. Plus, this type of coating gives a shiny texture to the candle boxes, and these boxes look appealing to human eyes. So that people cannot stop themselves from buying candles from your firm only because of its pretty packaging boxes. On the other hand, UV coating provides more protection than Varnish coatings and is eco-friendly. It makes this coating the first preference of the people.

So here, we will discuss six secret tips and tactics regarding UV coating on candle boxes.

Highlighting The Branding Information

Every brand prints its logo and other brand details on the candle boxes. These details are a cheap source of branding so that the public can be familiar with your brand and visit your shop physically if possible and if not, then visit the online website of your brand. In this way, the sales of candle packaging boxes will strike to a great extent. Now, if any brand uses UV coatings on these boxes to highlight the contact details and brands logo, then it’s a wise idea as this coating will grab customers’ attention in a frequency of seconds, and the first thing they will note on the candle packaging boxes is the brand’s name. It will create awareness about your brand among the public, and your brand will gain recognition through these candle boxes.

Improve Visibility Of Vital Detail

Sometimes, when brands label the boxes with all the details about the candles, they choose the wrong font size, style, or color patterns, making it difficult for the audience to read instructions related to the product. And it creates a harmful impact on the audience because labeling on custom candle boxes is essential. Before opening the box and buying it, they should know how to use it, when to use it, and all the precautions to light up candles. So, to improve the visibility of vital details on the candle boxes, brands can rely on spot UV coating. With the help of this coating, You will cover every error on the boxes of candles. Resultantly, a package is created that is loved by the public and builds a trustworthy relationship among both parties.

Enhance The Value Of Packaging Boxes

There are so many brands in the market, and hence public has a comprehensive option of firms from which they can buy their favorite scented or regular candles. To make your brand different from others, you have to be creative and develop a new idea. The UV coating is one of the latest techniques that gives a neat and luxurious finishing to the candle packaging boxes and differentiates them from other brands. So that every time people want to buy a candle for themselves, the first brand that clicks in their mind is you. Plus, brands print different designs on the candle boxes. Adding a glossy look to the boxes is the best option to make these designs different.

Beneficial For Blind People

The UV coating on the custom candle boxes is beneficial for blind people. As we all know, blind people cannot see, but they are blessed with sharp senses, and by touching embossed graphics, they can understand the words. The UV coating will make the candle boxes more comfortable and accessible for blind people to buy their favorite product and know about it without depending on other people. The brands that care about everyone will earn a good reputation in the market one day.

Give A Unique Touch To Graphics

The images, graphics, or any design printed on the candle packaging boxes can give a unique touch to the overall look of the boxes by using spot UV coating. But for this, brands have to hire professional staff to choose the perfect design for the custom candle boxes. Then use this UV technique carefully and professionally so that your brand can launch unique candle boxes in the market.

Improve Embossed Information On The Box

Embossing information on the candle boxes looks so good, but UV coating is helpful to improve this embossing. It makes the details, logo, and designs so alluring and readable to the audience so that when people see these candle packaging boxes, they become a fan of your brand.


So, all these are the tips and tricks related to UV coatings on custom candle boxes. This coating can add protection and make the boxes fascinating, which can boost the sales of the candles firms and help your organization earn a good profit margin in less time and with less effort.

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