Video of Vn88 mobile shows Saudi Arabia fans shooting to celebrate after the great victory over Argentina

Tens of thousands of Saudis poured into the streets to celebrate the historic victory that the home team had just made over the championship candidate Argentina. In some places, fans even celebrate with guns – According to Vn88cx.

The video recorded by shows a group of fans enthusiastically celebrating while the referee blew the whistle to end the match with a 2-1 result in favor of Saudi Arabia. In a fit of euphoria, even one crazed fan grabbed his gun and fired it into the air in quick succession.

TMZ confirmed that the place where the celebration took place was a rural province of Saudi Arabia, where the population density is sparse, so perhaps this person’s shooting action did not cause serious consequences.

Although quite dangerous, the image above also partly describes the feelings of Saudi fans with the historic victory. Perhaps, the real festive atmosphere is enveloping this country.

As noted by Vn88, in the city, tens of thousands of people poured into the street. They marched on vehicles, rioting on street corners. Dressed in the home team’s uniform and wearing the Saudi Arabian flag, the fans enthusiastically danced and sang. Some even wiped away tears of joy.

Saudi officials also competed to send congratulatory messages on social media. Even today, the West Asian country will allow government employees to take a break to celebrate victory.

Some large parks and major entertainment centers in the city also offer free admission for all residents. According to many major newspapers of Vn88cx, this victory will motivate them to be determined to successfully host the 2030 World Cup. Currently, Saudi Arabia is in an alliance with Egypt and Greece.

I hurt because I missed 11 meters,” Lewandowski said after the 0-0 draw between Poland and Mexico in the first match of Group C of the World Cup 2022. “Poland should have won. This draw makes things more difficult. I want to apologize to the fans. But we still have other games ahead of us and the team will aim to win.”

Lewandowski couldn’t beat goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa after a shot went down to the right corner after 58 minutes. Before that, Poland had advanced and wanted to find the opener. However, the Mexican defense is still focused.

Czelaw Michniewicz, head coach of the Polish national team, said of Lewandowski’s mood: “Everyone saw how disappointed Lewandowski was after that situation. In the dressing room, he watched over and over again the situation of the 11-meter kick and analyzed it carefully. more.”

Vn88 mobile gave Lewandowski 5 points, becoming one of the two players with the lowest score on the Polish side with defender Bartosz Bereszynski. In 90 minutes on the field, Lewandowski only had one shot on target, lost the ball 20 times and had 2 passes that opened up scoring opportunities for teammates.

The Barcelona forward has yet to score in the World Cup final. At this tournament 4 years ago in Russia, Lewandowski was also dead after 3 matches in the group stage.

Poland and Mexico are in second place in Group C with 1 point while Saudi Arabia leads the group with 3 points thanks to a victory over Argentina. Poland will face Saudi Arabia, the collective is on fire, in the second match taking place on November 26. newspaper commented in the 53rd minute, the Lusail stadium stands exploded before Al Dawsari’s classy goal. No 10 dribbled past two Argentine defenders before firing a beautiful shot from the edge of the area, forcing Martinez into the net to pick up the ball a second time.

In the middle of the field, defender Ali Al-Bulayhi ran up to Lionel Messi and shouted: “You don’t want to win this game, don’t try.” Messi was a bit surprised at first but he quickly calmed down and responded to his opponent with a sarcastic smile.

Immediately after, Lautaro Martinez and Papu Gomez rushed in with anger. The scuffle did not happen when another Saudi player rushed to intervene.

Saudi fans were briefly interviewed by a Vn88 reporter about the match: They also did not dare to think about what happened at the beginning of the second half. In just 6 minutes from 48 to 53, the Asian representative reversed all predictions by scoring 2 consecutive goals to defeat Argentina, the two-time world champion.

After the loss, Messi called on his teammates to quickly get up after the defeat: “We have not faced this situation for a long time. Now is the time to prove that Argentina is a united team.”

By Cary Grant

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