How To View Likes On Instagram

View Likes On Instagram

How do you comprar seguidores instagram portugal? It’s easy, I promise! After learning much about Instagram, you’ve finally created an Instagram account. You began to post photos and videos, follow other users, and view other people’s pictures. check now

Everything is evident now, and you can trust that Instagram has no secrets. If you’re reading this, you will see that there is still something missing from Instagram. Do you want to learn how to see Instagram likes?

Well, don’t worry! Let me help. I’ll show you how to see likes on Instagram. This includes the preferences your friends have added to other people’s photos or videos and the likes they have received. It won’t take too much effort or be difficult.

Let’s get started! Follow the steps below to get your goal accomplished quickly.

I’ll also show you how to use Instagram in a browser or the Windows 10 app. As usual, I wish you a great read.

How to view likes on Instagram using smartphones and tablets

You can view what your friends have added to photos or videos using an Android tablet, smartphone, or iPhone. How? Follow the steps in the next paragraphs to find out.


If you are an Android user, do you want to see how many likes you’ve received on Instagram? To start, open the Instagram app on your Android smartphone or tablet by going to the screen that displays all apps grouped and then tapping on the Instagram icon.

Next, click on the profile of the referral friend (or tap the magnifying glass at the bottom and tap on their name in the search field above). Next, click on the message that you wish to learn more about.

This does not mean you cannot touch a photo you like directly from the homepage without accessing the account.

The new screen will now be presented to you. Click the “likes” button at the bottom to view the nicknames of all users who liked the photo or video of your friend. You won’t see other people’s names if there are many likes.

You will see “other users” in this instance. You can tap on it to see the complete list of app users who liked the content.

How to see your friends’ likes on Instagram

To see the videos or photos that your friends have liked? What should you do? The procedure was straightforward before the recent update.

To access the “Already follow” tab, tap on the heart icon at the bottom of your main Instagram screen. It was now possible to view all your friends’ Instagram activities.

You could then see all the likes your friends had made to photos and videos of other users, as well as the comments they added.

The “Following” section of Mark Zuckerberg’s social media site for photography has been removed following a recent update. This section was where you could view all information about a person’s Instagram activity, including their comments and “likes” on posts from other people.


Do you have an iPhone? Would you like to know which Instagram friends have appreciated your photos and videos? Start the Instagram app by clicking on its icon from your iPhone’s home screen. More info

You can switch to the profile of the user that interests you. This can be done by clicking on their image on the homepage, tapping the magnifying glasses at the bottom, and then typing their name into the search box.

Click on the image or video you are interested in. Below the message, you’ll find the word “Like To” and the names of those who liked it. If there are many likes, the news will be followed with the phrase “other people.”

You can click on a photo from the homepage to get more information about it

You can tap on a user’s name to see their profile and learn more about them if they have added similar items. To find out more about users who have many likes, tap on their names and “other people.”

How to view likes on Instagram from your computer

You can view Instagram likes from friends and other people’s posts and add them to your posts. Continue reading to learn how. There are many ways to accomplish this.


Want to see how you can see which of your Instagram friends has liked their posts? First, go to the homepage and log in to your Facebook account (if not already).

Next, click on your friend’s profile. You can either click on their photo on the homepage or search for them using our search box. Click on the post that you want to learn more about, and then click on it.

Locate the item “Like” in the box. Next to it, you’ll find the names of users who added likes. If there are many, the writing will accompany the element “other people.”

Click on the name of the user to see more information about them. You’ll then be taken back to their profile.

Windows 10

Are you currently using the Instagram app for Windows 10? To see how your friends like their posts on Instagram, you must first open the app by calling it from within the Start menu.

Next, you will need to visit the profile of the friend you are interested in. This can be done by clicking the friend’s name on the app’s homepage or clicking the magnifying glass at the bottom and entering their name into the search field.

Windows 10 allows you to tap a photo directly from the app’s homepage without going through their profile.

Click on the post that interests you and click on the “like” button. You can view the nicknames of all users who have liked it. You’ll find the words “other persons” next to the likes if there are many likes.

Click on the link to view the names of people who have added similar elements.

How to see someone’s likes on Instagram

It was easy to see the likes of another person’s Instagram until recently. This information was automatically added to the social media activity log. You can access this feature by tapping on the heart-shaped icon located at the bottom.

It was sufficient to follow them, whether they were friends, partners, or family members. This option is currently not available due to privacy reasons.

How do you see the likes of someone’s Instagram account? You will need to use several methods to see likes on someone’s Instagram. You have two options: the first is to monitor social interactions manually. If you suspect two people are sharing preferences, you can “monitor the comments.”

This allows you to check whether the profiles interact and how often.

Another way 

You can also view the details of Facebook Likes, the social network where Instagram stories and posts often appear.

You could log in to Facebook and view the wall of a friend or follower and analyze their reactions and comments.


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