What Are Kratom Strains and Its Effects In 2022? 

Over the years, many people have been moving towards herbal supplements as an alternative to traditional medications. These supplements are organic and can alleviate numerous disorders; however, the most significant advantage of such supplements is that they don’t have the same side effects associated with traditional medicines.  

Kratom is one such herbal supplement made from the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa, a Southeast Asian plant related to the coffee plant. It has long been used to improve energy and reduce pain, most commonly by chewing the plant’s leaves or making tea from them.  

This article will discuss the examples of Kratom strains available in the market and their effects.  

  1. Maeng Da 

Maeng Da is one of the most potent Kratom strains available today. It’s popular among people who work on many manual and mental tasks because it can improve mental focus and vitality. The strain makes difficult things appear more straightforward. It also enhances the mood of those who use it and can help with mild chronic pain.  

One disadvantage of Maeng da Kratom is that users might quickly acquire a tolerance after using it for an extended period. This means that after consuming the strain for a while, you will have to take more significant amounts to feel its effects, which can lead to overdosing. 

  1. Green Malay 

Green Malay is a popular Canada kratom with medicinal properties and numerous benefits. The strain can be effective at relieving pain or anxiety and also help to ease tension without causing drowsiness or lethargy.  

Green Malay Kratom can help improve your outlook on life, help you focus, and extend your attention span. However, considering its potent and prolonged effects, it is frequently mixed with other types to enhance the benefits. According to users, mixing this leaf with different green or white strains can prevent overstimulating effects.   

  1. Thai Kratom 

Thai Kratom is a traditional strain that has a lot of various alkaloids, including mitragynine. One of the main impacts of this strain is that it allows users to focus on a particular subject for hours without tiring. The tension also increases the user’s energy. It’s also one of the most effective strains for coping with exhaustion, which is why most manual laborers in Thailand use it. 

Thai Kratom is also used to boost mood and alleviate depression. The white and green veins are very effective for this purpose. Additionally, the red vein is an effective pain reliever.  

  1. Bali Kratom 

Bali Kratom is the cheapest strain on the market and is widely available. The strain provides a variety of positive effects. Aside from numbing pain and functioning as a stimulant, the strain also suppresses appetite and can thus be taken by people who want to lose weight. However, considering its potent effects, users can feel adverse effects such as wobbles; hence, ensure to monitor your doses.  

  1. Sumatra Strain 

The Indonesian Island of Sumatra is where the Sumatra strain first appeared. Red Sumatra is an excellent sedative and stress reliever. As opposed to other strains, the effects of this one often last longer. In contrast, the White Sumatra delivers energy and a happy attitude, ideal for prolonged concentration and stimulation throughout the day. The effects stay longer and are pleasant even though they are not as strong as those of other strains. 

Kratom effects by Color 

  1. Green Kratom 

Green Kratom is a little energy booster; users report feeling more alert and focused. Green Vein Kratom is thought to be frequently used to relieve pain without inducing drowsiness or lethargy. This region has two well-known strains: Green Maeng Da and Green Malay. 

Green Kratom is sometimes combined with Red or White Vein Kratom to broaden the effects. This way, you can avoid experiencing too much sedation or numbness from the Red Vein Kratom and being overstimulated by taking White Kratom alone. Besides, Green Kratom is frequently used for recreational purposes and to alleviate social anxiety. 

  1. White Kratom 

Kratom leaves with a white vein in the middle are said to be energetic and mood-boosting. You can use White Kratom to increase mental alertness and sharpness. White Vein Kratom users report increased concentration, motivation, and endurance. Significantly, it can alleviate sensations of weariness and drowsiness without causing panic or restlessness.  

Users who find caffeine too stimulating will have the same jitters from White Kratom. 

  1. Red Kratom 

The most often used strains of Kratom are Red Vein types. Red Kratom is known to provide calmness, stress reduction, and relaxation. It could make you feel content and upbeat. This type is also effective for aiding sleep. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that this Kratom type reduces pain and muscle tension. 

The effects of products made with the Red Kratom strain vary significantly. While some strains like Borneo Kratom are prized for their analgesic effects, others have a powerful mood-improving effect that elevates one’s mental state. It is also crucial to remember that different dosages have different effects. However, even though this Kratom is primarily used for relaxing, smaller doses may have more stimulating effects. 


With the information provided above, searching for the most delicate Kratom strain for you is more accessible. Keep in mind that strains are only as excellent as their quality, and you should prioritize obtaining high-quality Kratom. Also, you should avoid taking the same strain for an extended period to avoid developing tolerance. 

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