What Are The Most Iconic Celebrity Jackets for Men?

Men’s Jackets are not only stylish and practical; they are a fashion staple that can be suitable for any occasion. We are all inspired by celebrities with some good fashion sense, especially about outwears. We love to see them adding glam and even adopt from them—the adequate understanding of styling. Outwears not only serve the purpose of shielding you from outer elements. But, it serves multiple purposes than you have ever imagined. 

Moreover, jackets are a menswear staple, and for a good reason. They offer protection during the colder months, can be worn where no t-shirt would dare to tread and can add depth and definition to any look you are going for.

However, there’s no doubt that jackets give a whole new dimension and meaning to a man’s wardrobe. They help to define your style and act like a mini wardrobe of their own. With so much choice, how do you know which jacket is right for you? Which jacket is most preferred by your favorite celebs? To let you know more about jackets, stay tuned with us.

Chef Jacket

The Chef Jackets. Chef jackets are not only worn by professional chefs. This jacket has now become the ultimate fashion statement for men.

However, a chef jacket is a type of garment that is similar to a chef’s shirt or a waistcoat. The style and appearance of a chef jacket can vary greatly, ranging from a thick and heavy coat to a more lightweight piece of clothing. It is common to see the jacket worn with a neckerchief, a type of scarf-like neckwear.

Moreover, the buttons on this jacket also carry a meaningful message. It indicates a chef’s qualification in its expertise. However, cooking has become a modern hobby in the modern world, and being a professional chef is no less than being a celebrity. Therefore, this chef outwears are deemed an ultimate choice as celebrity jackets for men.

Military Jacket

The military jacket is a type of jacket invented by military members. The military jacket is a waist-length, often fleece-lined coat with large pockets on the front, epaulets, and large belt loops to fit over an army belt. It is common to see military jackets in various colors and camouflage patterns. 

The military jacket was designed in 1965 as part of the uniform for United States Army and the United States Air Force personnel. The military jacket has become popular in casual fashion, especially in the punk subculture, which is often decorated with patches and pins.

Moreover, the jackets are also worn by other groups of people, such as police officers and firefighters. Today, military jackets have become a fashion staple for most celebs. The aura of military jackets can not be ignored. These military outwears are forever slaying pieces of outwears. 

Most of the time, jerkins were worn by soldiers, but sailors would also wear them. The jerkins were very tight-fitting, which made it easy to move, but they also kept the body warm. Men wore jerkins in early times. But the fact is known, they were not clothing items for everybody. The jerkins were usually worn in cold weather.

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