What is a pressure washer?

During high-pressure cleaning, the devices work with a water pressure of between 15 and well over 1,000 bar. The cleaning is carried out using pure water or, if necessary, using added cleaning agents. The first high-pressure cleaners were developed at the end of the 1940s, today they are established in many areas of application.

The main advantages of high-pressure cleaning are the water

 And time savings compared to the conventional water hose and the fact that the user’s work is made easier. But when do you use cold water, when hot water or steam? Which accessories make sense, and which classes are aimed at which applications in the professional or home area – in other words: how do you find the best high- Pressure Washing caloundra for the respective application?  The effectiveness of the cleaning can be proven with Sinner’s cleaning cycle. It contains the four basic parameters that play a role in cleaning: time, mechanics, chemistry and temperature. The circle is always closed. So if one or two parameters have more effect, decrease


. High-pressure cleaners in general bring the mechanics forward through pressure and water volume, but the cleaning process is faster. The mechanics, i.e. the working pressure in bar, is only reduced on sensitive surfaces. In many cases, high-pressure cleaning with cold water is sufficient. In order to increase the mechanical cleaning effect, the high-pressure lances used can be combined with rotating brushes. A cleaning agent, i.e. chemicals, has an accelerating effect on the process if necessary. If a cold water high-pressure cleaner is operated with 60 degrees warm inlet water, the effect is even stronger. It is important for users to know that the distance from the nozzle to the surface should be between 10 and a maximum of 30 centimeters in order to clean effectively.

Hot water high-pressure cleaners use thermal energy to accelerate the cleaning processes.

Working hours are reduced by around 35 percent. The higher temperature of the hot water also leads to the same result with less impact pressure and a better result with the same pressure. The use of cleaning agents is usually not necessary, as the heat breaks up and dissolves dirt and lubricant residues, oils, grease and soot deposits. Steam high-pressure cleaners supply steam at temperatures of up to 155 degrees Celsius and help fight microorganisms and germs. In addition, steam is very suitable for sensitive surfaces, since this type of cleaning requires little pressure and water volume.

Hot water high-pressure cleaners with surface cleaners as accessories are suitable for cleaning large areas. Hot water high-pressure cleaners with surface cleaners as accessories are suitable for cleaning large areas.

High-pressure cleaner classes and their application

In general, when working with the high-pressure cleaner, the connection between water flow rate and impact pressure must be observed and the right combination selected depending on the area of ​​application. The background: The jet remains better focused with a larger water flow rate, consequently a larger spray distance also results in relatively less atomization.


Position designed. The recommended water flow rate is 450 to 600 liters per hour. The average daily use of compact devices with a power cable should not exceed one to two hours. Mid -range devices are suitable for high-pressure cleaning of medium to heavy soiling, regardless of manufacturer. For example, they clean vehicles, machines or company premises or buildings quickly and efficiently. Some manufacturers have special jet pipes as accessories that can be used to directly adjust the pressure in bar. In this way, even sensitive surfaces can be processed without any problems. The efficient pump technology and high continuous output effectively tackle even the heavy soiling of construction machinery.

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