What is an ICO? Which is the best ICO launching service in India?

In the cryptocurrency industry, an initial coin offering or ICO is similar to an initial public offering (IPO). It is an activity where money is raised by a company for the creation of a new service, application, or coin to launch an ICO for raising funds. The company issues the crypto token to investors who take interest in buying the initial coin offering. This token may have some use that is related to the service or a product offered by the company or representing the stake in the project or a company. 

There have been some ICOs that have resulted in returns for investors. Whereas most of them have either performed badly or were scams. To take participation in an initial coin offering, one must buy a more mainstream digital currency. Also, you should be equipped with knowledge of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets. 

Some companies provide ICO launch services in Noida. Agio Support Solutions Private Limited is one example. Like cryptocurrency, initial coin offerings are also not regulated, hence, investors must keep their eyes open and should be highly cautious when planning to do investment in them. 

Working of ICO

When an ICO launching platform initiates raising money via an ICO, the first step taken by the project organizers is to determine the structure of the coin. There are 3 different ways of doing it. 

  • Static supply and static price – The first case indicates the preset price of every token that has been sold in the ICO. Plus, there is a fixed supply of the total token. 
  • Static supply and dynamic price – The overall price per token is determined by the number of funds that have been received in the ICO. 
  • Dynamic supply and static price – Supply is determined by the amount of funding received.

Release of Whitepaper

Besides working on the structure of the ICO, the crypto project firm also prepares a whitepaper on the crypto industry. It is available for potential investors through a new website that is concerned with the token. People who are behind the promotion of the project refer to the whitepaper to describe the essential information concerned with ICO. The ICO whitepaper is based on 6 essential factors. These are

  • Introduction of the project
  • The purpose for which it is needed after completion
  • The total budget needed for the project
  • How many virtual tokens would be kept by the founders
  • Acceptance of payment in what currencies
  • Duration of ICO campaign run

The whitepaper released by the project is an important section of the ICO campaign which is framed to make supporters and enthusiasts buy some of the tokens of the project. Investors have the choice to use digital currency or fiat currency for buying new tokens. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the much common forms of crypto payments by investors. The newly issued tokens are much like the shares of stock that are sold to investors during an initial public offering.

Do funding makes an ICO project successful?

Well, it depends upon the factor of money raised in an ICO. If the raised amount is less than the minimum amount as per the ICO’s criteria, then the funds will go back to the project’s investors. Hence, the ICO will be considered a failure. On the flip side, if the need for funding is met within a particular period, then the money will be spent in the pursuit of the project’s goals. 

Can ICO be launched by anyone?

Yes, ICO can be launched by anyone. With little regulation of ICOs in the United States, at present, anyone who can access the proper technology can launch a new cryptocurrency freely. But there is a risk involved in it. And it is possible in the absence of regulation. This means someone can misuse it and can falsely make you believe that it is a legit ICO and can get away with the money. So we can say that an ICO is one of the easiest to turn out as a scam. 

Do proper investigation of an ICO project

If you are willing to buy a new ICO that you have been familiar with, then be very careful and do your own research. The initial step is to ensure that people who are behind the launching of an ICO project are genuine or not. Don’t hesitate to do an investigation on the history of the project with crypto and blockchain. If you find no involvement of anyone with relevant experience, then it is a red signal. 

Ending note

So this is all you need to know about an ICO or initial coin offering. But one must also be aware of the possible risks involved in it. Having no regulations, these ICOs can also turn out to be fraudulent. Scammers play a tricky game to fool people by portraying an ICO to be legit but at last, will abscond with the money. So do a proper investigation. 

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