When Do SEO Services Start To Work?

As a website owner, you know the importance of SEO( Search Engine Optimisation) in ranking your website on SERP(Search engine result page). SEO is key to ranking on SERP and to rank top, content plays a significant role. But the next question is more often asked: How long does SEO take before it starts giving results? Or, more blatantly- when do you start getting your leads and conversions? 

In this article, we will go to a deep length to satisfy your quest revolving around SEO.

How long does SEO take?

The answer is – It varies from website to website. It’s estimated that 6-12 months are sufficient to start getting a clear picture, and to some extent, that’s true also. But there are so many other factors that affect your visibility on the SERP. Let’s talk about them:-

  • Your website’s Age

The first and most important aspect is how long you have been on the internet. Older domains tend to get better benefits as compared to new domains. A new domain can also take more than 9- 12 months to get better authority. This is because older domains are likely to have more backlinks, increasing search engine trust. New domains will take some time to gain the same authority. The old websites have more content and keywords, which is a long way to go for a new website.

  • Backlinking

If you encounter a new person in life, the first thing you do is get to know him and what type of people he interacts with. If it’s good, then you can think about friendship. If it’s not, you tend to drop that person.

The same is true with backlinking. It’s not just the number of backlinks that affect the website’s ranking but their quality too. You cannot underestimate the power of the number game here, but it should be from a trusted source. Backlinking with suspicious websites or paid links can do more harm as this will come under Black hat SEO, and google has a penalty for that.

  • Competition

Suppose you have a niche that is not popular or has low competition. In that case, you will likely get quicker results than niches with high competition. 

For example, so many people offer beauty products. However, if you are selling only handmade woollen mats, your chances of ranking on SERP are higher. 

  • Keywords

This is another important aspect of SEO. Inject keywords that are relevant to your industry. If somebody searches for your services, your website will appear in SERP only when you properly implement your keyword research.

There are so many agencies which provide SEO services. However, if you want service in Brisbane, you will use keywords like SEO Brisbane. If you haven’t optimised your website accordingly, you will go down in the search result.

Try to immerse longer keywords which are specific to your content. Generic keywords have a higher search volume, but to stand out, your brand should be unique.

  • Content

What are you talking about? What’s your message for your users and customers? This you convey through your content. Looking at your competitor’s website will make it very clear why they stand out. Relevant and updated content on your website gives your customer a message that you are still in the game. Suppose you are meeting the requirements of your users. In that case, they are most likely to return, indicating that you are valuable to search engines. But You cannot expect well-optimised content to rank number 1 just a day after publishing. It takes time.

  • Resources

Try to allocate more and more resources towards SEO. The more you put into your resources, the faster it will facilitate the growth of your website. Give more time in the initial months, and try to be consistent. You may not get results immediately, but it will help in the long run. You can hire SEO experts or agencies to help you develop a proper strategy. 

How long will it take to get actual results?

It has been mentioned that it takes nearly 6- 12 months to see some concrete results in SEO, but it is not the case for every website. A newly built website takes more time to rank in SEO than the established one. The algorithm of search engines also keeps changing. SO YOu have to be updated and change your strategy accordingly. 

Final thoughts

When you step into the field of SEO, never forget that it’s a long-term game. It cannot fulfil your instant gratification for success. You cannot expect a guaranteed result in a certain period until and unless you are not applying SEO practices appropriately.

Your job does not end here. When you apply any strategy, then look for results. If it turned out as you planned, try to upgrade them. Closely monitor the analytics. It’s never-ending work because trends keep changing and need optimisation.

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