Where to buy a scientific paper?

“Thesis writers” peddled essays in essay shops. 

10 years ago, the reporter used the title “Dr. Fang Nu sells 8 sci papers a year” to expose the incident of a doctoral student working in Shanghai selling papers online . 10 years later, the 30-year-old “Dr. Fang Nu” has turned into a 40-year-old “WRITE MY RESEARCH PAPER” What remains unchanged is that the “sci paper shop” he opened on the Internet is still open and is especially highlighted in the advertisement. “Ten years old shop” label. At that time, he also posted this critical report on his Weibo, threatening the reporter to meddle in his own business, “I don’t violate the law when I sell my thesis, and the law even protects it.”

Why did the “sci paper shop” stand still for 10 years, and where did the sold SCI papers go? Why did online sales of papers become an unbeatable Xiaoqiang? As an “old acquaintance” of the owner, the reporter made another unannounced visit after half a year and found that the “sci paper shop” business was still booming. So far, more than 100 sci manuscripts have been sold and published in domestic and foreign academic journals. The buyers are college teachers and students, the owner of the profit millions of dollars.

Buying and selling sci-papers has become a “ten-year-old shop.”

“Friends who need physics, chemistry, and materials manuscripts, come to me 

Buy Research Paper Online – sci-paper writing and posting, Chinese-English translation, Taobao transactions, ten-year-old stores.” In early August, the reporter made an unannounced visit to enter “Thesis Writers” “The blog on one of the sites provided, the first thing that catches the eye is a blurry headshot with glasses. Compared with the advertisement for “transfer, purchase, write and distribute sci papers on behalf of people in the Department of Chemistry, Materials, and Physics” 10 years ago, the advertisements did not change much, but “Taobao Transaction” and “Ten Years” The words “Old Store” are particularly dazzling, and a photo of a suspected thesis writer’s head has not changed for 10 years. The “paper writer” claims that the content of the SCI paper involves (but is not limited to) the synthesis of organic ligands, the synthesis, and characterization of complexes, the discussion of photophysical properties, the discussion of nanoscale properties, and the discussion of quantitative calculations. “The article is available to those in the chemistry, materials, and physics departments.”

Can I write and distribute a sci paper on materials science?

On August 24, the reporter asked for a sci paper as a graduate student at a university. The shop owner, “thesis writer” quickly answered the inquiries. He introduced that the price depends on the academic journal and its impact factor. A few days later, a material manuscript will be in place, with an impact factor of 3.2, and the price is between 30,000 and 50,000 yuan. The price depends on the workload and the impact factor test when the manuscript is revised. “For example, a manuscript published in the first district has an impact factor of 6.3 and a price of 65,000 yuan. A manuscript published in the second district has an impact factor of 2.9 and a price of 35,000 yuan.”

It is reported that sci (science citation index, sci) refers to the citation database established and published by the American Institute of Scientific Information in 1961. SCI (Science Citation Index), EI (Engineering Index), and istp (Science and Technology Conference Proceedings Index) are three world-renowned scientific and technological literature retrieval systems and are internationally recognized scientific evaluation systems, among which SCI is the most important. The National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has been divided into four areas according to the impact factors of various journals. The first area is 5% of the top journals, which are of high level.

The reporter found that, compared with 10 years ago, the average unit price of “sci paper shop” papers has risen from 20,000 yuan to more than 30,000 yuan. In the bargaining with reporters, the “paper writer” attributed the price increase to the difficulty of publishing the manuscript. He said that the strictness of publishing the manuscript is “perverted,” which has caused the price to soar.

Thesis Writer” divides the academic manuscripts for sale into four types: Type A (pre-written manuscripts), Type B (customized manuscripts), Type C (translated manuscripts), and Type M (specially reserved manuscripts). The reporter’s statistics found that since 2010, 114 four types of manuscripts have been sold, of which 109 are pre-written. The peak of papers sold was in 2016, with 33 sci papers sold in one year. In 2017, 2018, and 2019, there was a downward trend year by year, with 22, 19, and 8 articles, respectively. Sold 3 in the first half of this year. According to the average unit price of 30,000 yuan, the “dissertation writer” will make a profit of 3 million yuan in 10 years.

Regarding the current situation of the shrinking business, the “paper writer” revealed that “now the submission will test the degree of innovation.” For example, at the beginning of this year, he organized 6 data packets corresponding to the three major physics, chemistry, and materials series, which could have been written into more than a dozen papers. Still, now they have to be compressed into 6 papers. “Now submissions will test the degree of innovation, so they can’t be written in series.”

Papers are sold across three disciplines.

On November 14, 80 days after the reporter’s SCI paper order was issued, the “paper writer” replied to the reporter. A manuscript in the third area has passed the preliminary review with an impact factor of 3.3. The research content is to prepare a magnetic-luminescent nanomaterial with a core-shell structure. The microstructure and luminescence properties were studied. He revealed that the manuscript has entered the second trial and has given suggestions for revision.

“I selected for a journal under Elsevier. Elsevier now uses an improved algorithm to detect text plagiarism and image reuse. If the repetition rate exceeds 10%, it will be rejected in the first round of review. Experts will not review it.” The “paper writer” guarantees the quality of the paper and asks the reporter to pay through his Taobao account, and then he will send the manuscript for review. After confirming that it is correct, the review and revision process of the journal will be sent as a video. “After the manuscript is online (published online), I will notify you to review it and finally implement Taobao’s delivery operation.” After some bargaining, the final price of the paper was set at 22,000 yuan, and the reporter took the excuse to withdraw from the transaction.

In the “sci paper shop,” the “paper writer” posted an English sci paper recently written and sent by proxy, with an impact factor of 2 to 5; the paper number is a-184-229. The article’s keywords are “Organic Fluorescent Dyes, Luminescence Properties, Laser Properties, Heavy Metal Ion Sensing.” “The thesis shop only publishes the information of the manuscripts I wrote and does not involve sensitive information such as sale or transfer.” The reporter found that “thesis writers” often comfort customers who want to buy papers in the QQ space.

During the reporter’s unannounced visit, the “dissertation writer” said, “All the manuscripts in the essay shop are written by myself. The advantage of this is that confidentiality is perfect. It can be said that no one is involved except me. This article also maximizes security.”

How does a person write scientific research papers in different professional directions in batches?

 In the communication with reporters, the “thesis writer” revealed his study and scientific research experience——

It turned out that the gunman’s research directions were different. When he was a postdoctoral fellow, the research directions were horizontally crossed. He was involved in the four research directions of materials, physics, chemistry, and organic electronics. He claimed that during his Ph.D., the number of papers he completed reached double digits, all of which were in English SCI.

When graduating with a Ph.D. 11 years ago, the “paper writer” did a lot of experiments and accumulated some experimental data. By chance, the “paper writer” got the opportunity to return to his alma mater every year to do short-term research, continue to do experiments, and accumulate experimental data. He said he had made overall arrangements without exception, including what data is needed to make an article, how long it is, and what experiments may need to be supplemented.

“After so many years of data analysis, it can be said that as long as I see what the data looks like, I know how to write this paragraph.” “Thesis writer” claimed in his blog post that he usually sketches an outline first when writing a paper, Takes a few days to form the basic skeleton, and then takes the time to fill in the data analysis. Write a little every day, hundreds of words at a time. The overall refinement of the manuscript is the final process. This step will be repeated at least twice, and paper can be sold on the shelves.

Type A articles sold in the “sci paper shop” are costly, often causing buyers to question them. “In my case, the cost of the manuscript has the following aspects: the first is the cost of experimenting, the second is the cost of operation, and the third is the cost of testing the supplementary data when revising the manuscript.” “Thesis Writer” in the online shop. He explained that there is no agency fee for his thesis, and the asking price is not high.

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