Which Is The Best Knee Hospital In India For Knee Cap Repair?

The knee joint is the largest joint in our body, and a kneecap or the Patella is a bone found in front of it that shields it. Because of the kneecap, we can turn and bend our legs freely as it gives the knee joint a proper structure and strength. However, serving as a shield makes itself vulnerable to problems such as breakage, instability, and dislocation. If you have any such issues, you must not live with them and immediately visit a knee hospital to see an orthopedist. One must know which is the best knee hospital in India. We will find out a few best hospitals in India that can repair broken knees through this article.

Kneecap Fracture – Symptoms, Causes, Types & Treatment 

A broken kneecap or a fractured kneecap is a severe occurrence that is caused either due to a fall, a direct collision against a hard surface, or sudden pulling of the thigh muscles attached to the kneecap. In a few cases, a fractured kneecap can cause damage to knee tendons and ligaments. 
One can develop severe bruises and pain around the area, and difficulty in moving the leg, walking or even standing. In case of an open patellar fracture, there might even be a bone protruding from the skin of the knee. There are also other types of kneecap fractures. Let’s learn about them.

  • Hairline

This is a simple crack in the kneecap and is rare there. Most athletes suffer this due to over-exertion. This kneecap fracture is not very easy to catch on an X-ray.

  • Closed & Open

A closed fracture is when the kneecap is broken into pieces, but the pieces do not pierce the skin. Whereas in the open kind, the bones stick out of the skin.

  • Patellar Sleeve 

This type mostly impacts kids, between the ages of 8 and 12 when the bony part of the knee is still developing. It occurs when the kneecap gets yanked out of its sleeve of cartilage. Even though such a bone is not broken, it is treated similarly.

  • Displaced & Nondisplaced  

The nondisplaced type occurs when the kneecap is broken, but the pieces haven’t driven out of location. Whereas in a displaced, the pieces of bone shift out of location.

  • Comminuted & Noncomminuted

In a comminuted fracture, the bone is broken into three or more pieces. Whereas in the noncomminuted, it is broken into two pieces.

The treatment of the patellar or the kneecap fracture depends on various factors. A few of them are the severity, age, and health of the person. However, if there is a fracture, one needs urgent care; the method can be nonsurgical or surgical. 

The 5 Best Knee Hospitals In India For Broken Knee Repair  

To get an accurate diagnosis and treatment, one must only searches for the knee replacement in mumbai. We recommend a few of them below,. 

Artemis, Gurgaon

It specializes in ministering several orthopaedic illnesses like total joint and knee reconstruction, arthroscopy, cartilage transplantation, and spinal surgery.

Medanta The Medicity, Delhi

This hospital is recognized for knee replacement surgeries. Supported by highly skilled and professional orthopedists who give India the best treatment and care for knee replacement.

Columbia Asia Referral, Bangalore

However, a reasonably new hospital has managed to rise and establish a name quickly amongst the top hospitals in the country to provide a low-cost knee replacement surgery in India.

Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon

It has a specialized unit for orthopaedics and joint replacement, which is proficient in knee transplants and other surgeries related to the knee in India.  

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research, Mumbai

A multi-speciality that has successfully executed more than 1600 joint replacement surgeries to date. Furthermore, it is the only hospital in Mumbai to have a full-time specialist system.


Many people from foreign lands are arriving in India for a kneecap repair. The reason is top-notch treatment at a reasonable cost. There are many best knee hospitals in India known for curing knee illnesses, out of which we have named the top 5. If you suffer a broken, unstable, or dislocated kneecap, visit any of the above-mentioned best knee hospitals in India and seek help from professionals.

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