Who Can Write My Essay for Me Based on the Dos and Don’ts?

Writing an essay is difficult, whether it is 100 words long or 50 pages long. The reader must understand the students’ message, and they must formally define their agenda. Understanding every single element that makes up an academic essay is essential.

A good essay is composed of several elements. It would help if you considered several things. But every student has one question: “Who can write my essay for me?” With the aid of experienced writers with ten years of training, you can raise your grade. Additionally, their quick service can quickly get you the best essay that has been carefully written.

However, there are still many obstacles that students must surmount when writing essays daily. They must struggle and allow it to flow. You will discover how to overcome every difficulty students encounter when writing an academic paper. And also learn about effective rules to follow for composing the best essay.

Essay Writing Challenges Students Face

Writing an essay requires a lot of work and can be challenging. When writing academic papers, students frequently encounter these five problems. Simple advice can help them get past these obstacles. So keep watching to find out more about overcoming barriers when writing essays. But let’s start by talking about these issues.

1.  Lack of Confidence

Due to their lack of experience, most college students need more confidence. It results from the need to be aware of all of one’s strengths. But you must complete even the most minor task with confidence. So, use the advice below to heal your inner spirit.

 2. Insufficient Knowledge

As a student, you can only be an expert in some things. Your abilities still need to be polished. You can improve your knowledge of academic essays by taking simple steps.

3.  Lack of Writing Skills

Inability to write clearly and accurately, using proper grammar and punctuation. It’s crucial to have strong writing abilities when composing an essay. Your readers’ interests will be determined by the way you direct them. You can diminish the quality of your content by using poor language, punctuation, and word choice.

4. Plagiarism in Content

Plagiarism is the most prevalent problem that students overlook. A professor is always able to spot the deception. Additionally, it would help if you considered duplicate content. However, there are several ways to avoid plagiarism and maintain the originality of your essay.

5.  Getting Stuck With an Essay

Some of you might still require more time to finish your essay, even after overcoming all the previous challenges. But keep in mind that every issue has a fix.

 Dos and Don’ts of Essay Writing

Below is the list of specific things you must include in your essay. While there are also some pointers which you should make sure to avoid when you are writing an essay:

 Essay Writing Dos

It is vital to include these five factors in your essay to make it compelling and perfect:

 1.  Use Transition Between Paras

Some paragraphs have the effect of being assembled sentences. It is the incorrect method of writing. Your writing should flow naturally and logically, taking the reader from point to point. Because of this, you should use transitional phrases, which act as a “bridge” between paragraphs, joining each new idea with the one that came before it.

 2. Cite Examples

Any example you use, whether it comes from writing, research, or another source, should be cited. Only real-world examples from your own life need to be cited. Even if you are not using a direct quotation when you want to mention something you read, it is best to cite the work’s original author. In this manner, your examples will be more robust and provide more dedicated support for the points you are attempting to make.

 3. Discuss in Present Tense

Using the present tense, also known as the historical present or the narrative present, is recommended when writing literary reviews or essays based on literary works. It enhances the storytelling and gives the audience a stronger sense of presence. Events that take place in a text should be treated in the same way as facts and generalisations. It holds for fictional stories found in books, movies, plays, etc.

 4. Use Advance Vocabulary

An essay aims to demonstrate both your familiarity with the subject and your ability to select adequate vocabulary and demonstrate your command of the English language. Another critical factor in the Writing and Speaking sections of many standardised exams, including the Cambridge Advanced exams, is word usage. As a result, avoid using the exact words repeatedly and try to use a variety of expressions, synonyms, and comments.

 5. Choose the Correct Language

The language you use in the essay reveals how well you can research and analyse the subject, support your claims, and provide vivid and understandable examples. It also demonstrates your level of language proficiency, command of grammar and syntax, and capacity for expanding your vocabulary. It’s crucial to use the proper language and keep in mind the academic writing style.

  Essay Writing Don’ts

If you want your essay to be perfect, make sure to avoid these below-mentioned elements in your content:

 1. Don’t Forget to Check the Requirements

Of course, style and formatting do not make an essay good, but they do affect the first impression your paper gives. Some essays and assignments may have a font, spacing, and layout specifications. Provided that they are simple rules, you must abide by them. The essay’s style is frequently specified in the instructions or decided upon beforehand. According to the type of essay, you can determine the tone quickly. If the formatting requirements on the syllabus need to be clarified, you can always ask your instructor.

2. Don’s Write too Long Sentences

Complex sentences can be challenging to understand, not only for the reader and grader of your essay but also for the authors themselves. Complex sentences don’t necessarily signify an elaborate writing style. Instead, it might demonstrate your inability to present information understandably or to divide the sentences logically. Furthermore, complex sentences are more likely to contain grammatical and stylistic errors. For famous authors wrote, like Hemingway or Fitzgerald, this didn’t make their writing any worse.

3.  Don’t Give too Much Information

Even though you were taught to write thorough, insightful essays, you still need to start using some level of information filtering. You aim to introduce the subject to the reader while providing them with thorough but condensed information. Select the most important topic to write about, and stay on it to avoid that. Before submitting the writing, you can analyse the final draught if it’s complicated. Include the essential details your essay requires, then omit any extraneous information and facts.

 4.  Don’t Move Away from the Focus Point

Many students mistakenly believe that a conclusion is where they expand their position on the subject and address various related issues. But it’s completely untrue! A conclusion’s purpose is to emphasise the main points you have been arguing in response to the question (i.e., readdress the essay question in light of the discussion you have just provided). You can briefly summarise the main points from the essay’s body in the order you presented them.

 5. Don’t Forget to Proofread

An otherwise perfect essay can look unprofessional and messy due to typos, spelling, and grammatical errors, which can be considered carelessness or bad writing. Using essay typer is a great way to avoid such mistakes, as it is perfectly designed. And, if you do not correct any typos in your coursework, teachers may mark your essay in red. You should proofread your thesis thoroughly and fix any errors. Don’t rely solely on the spell check on your computer.

So, whenever you have this rolling question in the mind of ” Who can write my essay for me?” To contact experts, adhere to the above steps. There are many ways to get your content to reach the perfection stage. And, when you follow the basic dos and don’ts of essay writing, you will have good results.

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