Why Buy a Double-Side Jigger?

A jigger is a must-have for any home bar. A jigger is a tool used to measure the amount of liquid in a glass or bottle. It is also used to pour drinks in a specific quantity without spilling. Also, it can be found at most kitchen stores and liquor stores, but if you want something more personalized, try making your own!

What Is a Double Side Jigger?

Especially for those who love mixing up a good cocktail, an accurate bar measurement tool is a vitally important thing to have on hand. This is where a jigger comes in. A cocktail double side jigger, which is essentially an alcohol measuring cup, is a staple at any bar.

cocktail jigger is a shot or cocktail measuring cup for bartenders, ranging in size from 0.5-2.5 oz. For ease of use, many jiggers have fill lines on the inside or outside with oft-used cocktail or shot glass measurements.

On the surface, filling a cocktail jigger appears to be a simple task, but there are some finer points to remember to improve your speed and accuracy. Before you begin, we recommend that you use an even-flow bottle pourer to increase accuracy and reduce spills when pouring.

How Double-Sided Jiggers Can Improve Your Cocktail?

The jigger was created to improve the bartender’s efficiency. It allows bartenders to pour two drinks at once and have them mixed in a matter of seconds.

A double side jigger is a tool that is used by bartenders to improve their efficiency and increase their profits. Bartenders use it to pour two drinks at once, while they are mixed in a matter of seconds. The double-sided jigger has been around since the 1800s but has been gaining popularity recently with the rise of cocktail bars and innovative cocktails.

Many people use this tool when they want to make more complicated cocktails such as an Old Fashioned or Manhattan. They can also be used for simple cocktails like martinis or margaritas, which are typically made with vodka or tequila respectively.

This tool is also great for bartenders who want to experiment with new flavors and ingredients as it allows them to try new recipes without having to worry about making too many mistakes.

Double-Sided Jigger Invention:

For many years, the only way to measure alcohol was with a smaller glass. A 2 oz. sherry glass was the best way to measure the amount of spirit added to a cocktail. This resulted in inexact, sloppy pours from a glass that was not intended for measurement.

  That all changed on September 5th, 1893, when a genius/hero named Cornelius P. Dungan in Chicago, IL patented the double-sided cocktail jigger. Dungan’s design of two different-sized cone shapes on opposite ends of the same vessel is still used today by many bartender jiggers.

How Is It Named “Jigger”?

There is some debate as to where the name ‘jigger’ comes from. It is often credited to British sailors, who named their daily allowance of booze after the jiggermast sails on their ships. The jiggermast is the smallest mast on a ship, so it can be assumed the sailors used the nickname as a form of grievance that their drink rations were a little light.

Different Types of Jiggers:

  • Double jigger
  • Japanese jigger
  • Stepped jigger
  • Bell jigger
  • The non-jigger (precision liquor bottle pourer)

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