Is Knocking Things Over a Common Cat Habit?

Feline fur babies are pretty infamous for knocking over things in their way; many a time, it could have happened right before your watchful eyes. Many cat owners wonder why cats have a penchant for this, just like you.

Sometimes the object doesn’t have to be in its way; cats can pursue things quietly or attack them from all sides out of the blue. Knocking over inanimate things can sometimes result in accidents, injuries, falls, and other health emergencies that may require quick medical intervention.

Unexpected vet visits, testing, treatment, and medications can take a toll on your finances which is why you must consider being prepared with pet insurance for cats. Pet health insurance makes providing your frisky furball with top-notch health care more bearable, so contemplate purchasing a policy.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn why a fluffy furball engages in such behavior.


Cats are born hunters; they love chasing animals and cracking down on their prey. If there are no critters in their near access, all they might do is hold things, knock things over, or paw at them just like they would handle their captures.

So, if you find your munchkin busy with an inanimate object, it is probably exploring the thing, assessing whether it is safe to deal with and if it can hunt it. Suppose the object starts moving, then your cat will register it as a chasable object, and the hunt will continue.

Sadly, this desire for hunting can destroy your precious household objects and decorative items during casual encounters. Your kitty cat may also jump down to investigate the ruins and possibly hurt itself while doing so. It can be hazardous for your cat if the broken pieces are sharp or toxic.

Suppose such a thing happens; know that your furry baby can be trying to get your attention and asking you to feed it. If your cat had knocked over things in the past and had managed to get your attention, affection, and other things it needs, then this may be the reason.

Also, your cat can engage in such habits to kill boredom when it doesn’t have company or to just ask you to play with it.

It is thus essential to provide your cat with nutrition-rich meals and snacks at scheduled times, plenty of fresh water to drink, enrichment of its environment, and opportunities for mental and physical stimulation. Dedicate time for your kitty in your daily schedule and bring home other fur companions, so your munchkin doesn’t have to live a lonely life.

However, if you suspect your kitty cat is destroying things just to get your attention, try not to react to its antics. This way, your munchkin will learn to find alternate ways to get your attention and may give up knocking and dropping things indoors.

Also, consider protecting valuable indoor objects from your kitty’s paws and being prepared with pet insurance for cats should something unfortunate happen to it through all this. Pet health insurance provides your cat a medical backup and you financial protection during distressing health scenarios, which is why you should contemplate buying a policy.

By Michael Caine

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