A lot of Excitement with Boxing at Phuket         

When the holiday season rolls in, there is always a lot of excitement because you can finally take a break from work or studies and spend the break doing what you love to do.  

These days, most of the most common holidays have proven to be overrated, and boring, and most times, at the end of the holidays you are exhausted, feeling unhealthy, and in no form to go back to work.  

So, why do we spend lots of money on holidays that will be detrimental to us in the end? Especially when there are other alternatives we haven’t explored.  

Thai boxing is one of these vacation alternatives that the world needs right now, and you should not hesitate to experience it.  

In the beautiful Asian nation of Thailand, there are a lot of beautiful islands to explore, one of which is Phuket island. The island features beautiful beaches, surroundings, beautiful animals, attractive sites, and the like.  

However, the main focus of a holiday spent on Phuket island is Thai boxing training. Yes, a Thai boxing holiday is an experience for the books that you need to take part in.  

Phuket island houses a lot of Muay Thai training camps that have designed holiday fitness packages for people interested in working towards achieving weight loss, boosting their fitness levels, and achieving general health and well-being.  

When you visit a Muay Thai training camp, you will sign up for fitness training for the period of your stay, and you will be assigned a training schedule, as well as a trainer who will take you through all the training processes throughout your stay.  

You can pay for accommodation at the training gym or get a room at any of the hotels around the gym area. Most Muay Thai boxing gyms provide accommodation and feeding at a more affordable rate than the hotels, so you might want to consider that option if you’re travelling on a budget.  

During your training, you will learn the art of self-defence, sparring, punching, stamina-building, and bodybuilding. If you want to achieve weight loss, the exercises you engage in will also make it possible for you to do that in a short period.  

Although these training sessions can be stressful, they will quickly become a thing of the past when you exit the gym and visit a spa to get a massage, or while you’re lounging on the beach with family and friends and sipping a nice, cold drink.  

A tour of the city also gives you a lot to see, including historical sites, popular markets, shopping malls, restaurants, and street stalls with exciting things to purchase. You can take a tour of the island when you’re not training and also spend time making friends with other tourists.  

With the amazing food, culture, and health-conscious lifestyle that awaits you in Thailand, you shouldn’t hesitate to travel to Phuket island and spend your holiday at a Muay Thai boxing training camp. You can check at Muaythai-thailand.com for Muay Thai boxing. It is a fun, exciting, and healthy combination that’s just perfect for you.

By Michael Caine

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