A Mesmerizing Experience Devkund Waterfall Trek 

The mesmerizing Devkund waterfall is situated near Bhira in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. Devkund waterfall is a plunge waterfall, that is falling from the rocks and creates captivating aesthetics. This stunning waterfall is elevated at a height of about 2700 ft above sea level. Here the trekkers get to witness mesmerizing views of three stunning waterfalls t he t is said to be a source of the Kundalika river. 

After trekking for three hours the trekkers reach this captivating destination to relish the exceptional natural beauty. The trekkers also get the opportunity to witness the exceptional greenery due to the presence of several forests that provide captivating views. 

Best time to visit 

The idlest time for this trek is during monsoons. During monsoons, the temperature is cool and cozy and offers comforting weather for the trekkers. The waterfall is even full-fledged during July and August. Natural beauty is at its peak during this period. 

Trekking at Devkund 

This three-hour trek initiates at the Bhira village.

If the trekkers are traveling from Mumbai then they go through the following sites- Borivali, Malad, Goregaon, Andheri, Bandra, Sion, Chembur, Vashi, Nerul, Kharghar, Kalamboli McD.

And if the trekkers are following the way from Pune then they will be picked up at the Starbucks  FC Road and then go through the Wakad bridge to reach the destination.

The period of the Devkund Waterfall trek is 1 day, where the trip towards the base village (Bhira village) takes approximately 5 hours & the journey to and from the Devkund waterfall takes 5 hours which is 2.5 hours each way. 

Reach the Devkund waterfall trek commencing point and appreciate a filling veg breakfast at the base village that is sumptuous as well as healthy. 

Wrap the Devkund trek distance of 5-6 km and scour the magnificence of mountains, valleys, lush greenery, dense jungles, scenic hamlets, and gleaming waters

The trek route constitutes plain trails in the majority of the portions, with several medium ascents of 300 ft. at the end of the route. 

Experience the marvel of white water that cascades down from 80-meter elevations against a rocky texture to form a 30-meter-diameter realistic pool.

Enjoy the stunning view of the Bhira dam and Tamhini Ghat during this trek

Dismount to the base village to grab a filling veg lunch after a tiresome day. And here your wonderful trekking journey comes to an end. 

How to Reach the Devkund trekking spot

Devkund waterfall Trek is approximately 170 km from Mumbai and about 110 km from Pune

The package delivers comfortable pick-up & drop-off twice to the ground village that is Bhira, which can be availed on the choice of respective package options available for Devkund treks. 

On inclining toward the package without transportation, you can arrive at the base point – Bhira village, which is approximately 7 hours distance from Mumbai and 5 hours away from Pune. It can be efficiently accessed through Mumbai-Pune Expressway or highway. 

Nearby places to visit 

Bhira dam

This dam is situated on the top of the Kundalika river and it is popularly known as the Tata powerhouse dam. It also helps to generate electricity for the local villages, this dam is well-known among adventure enthusiasts as well.

You can also relinquish activities like water rafting as the gush of the river is pretty decent making you a reasonable experience. People also visit this place to adjourn or suspend clicking photos and enjoy the comforting sound of water flowing.

Kundalika river 

Streaming from Sayahdri hills and arising from a tiny town known as Bhira, the Kundalika river is exceptionally popular for river rafting.  It is the fastest river in India creating the rafting experience worthwhile. It has developed into one of the favorite places to visit in Kolad by tourists not just to participate in the rafting activity but also to loosen up among nature and streaming water.

Kolad museum 

If you love to appreciate art and know new facts about art then this is the idle place to visit. There you can spend your time scouring around the area and admiring the beautiful sculptures of birds, humans, and various shapes that are beautifully engraved out of bamboo and distinct kinds of wood. This spot is also known as Kolad’s Kashta Shilpa and houses the work of the greatly talented Ramesh Phone and other prominent artists. 


When living in the city becomes too hectic and you desire a break from your busy life then camping is what comes to your mind first to rejuvenate yourself. If the camping destination is Devkund waterfall then the experience boosts to another extent. Trekking to this source of the Kundalika river in the cold fills you with some splendid memories and you will forget all your worries about life. 

By Michael Caine

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