Benefits of a Real Fox Fur Coat

Winter is here and you’re probably looking to stay warm while also remaining fashionable, whether you’re out on the town or taking a walk through a winter wonderland. If you want to stand out at a work holiday party or stay cozy on a ski trip, you need a real fox fur coat.

Fox fur is becoming one of the most popular furs to wear these days for many reasons! Here is why you should check out some of Maximilian’s vibrant and unique fox coats.


Fox fur is extremely colorful. It’s soft and cozy, making it great for all-day use. But what sets fox fur apart from other furs is that it’s not overly hot. You can wear it all year long and even wear it inside! Whether you’re at an art show in the fall or going for a stroll through a snow-covered trail, a fox fur coat will allow you to adapt!


Fox fur always looks classy. Whether it’s a shawl or a fox fur coat, you’ll look fashionable, elegant, and bold. It’s versatile and comes in an abundance of styles that will work for any look or event.


Speaking of variety, fox fur comes in so many colors. From white to black and everything in between, you’ll find any color you desire! There are neutral colors for everyday wear to vibrant colors if you want to stand out or express yourself.

Real Fox Fur Coat vs. Fake Fur

It’s often a heated topic — should you get real fur or fake fur? There are pros and cons to both, so you ultimately should decide what’s right for you.

Fake fur is often more cost effective but at the expense of quality. It’s made out of materials that rely on plastic, often a blend of acrylic and polyester. This material is not biodegradable and can end up harming the earth if you have to keep throwing away coats and replacing them. Plastics can harm wildlife and also impact our own quality of life.

Real fur is biodegradable but it’s also easy to repurpose. A real fox fur coat will last a very long time, but once you are looking for a new one, you can easily turn it into a pillow, shall, scarf, or  blanket.

Real fur is also warmer. This makes it easier to wear throughout the year without needing to layer it or pile on the scarves.

The real concern a lot of people have is the use of real animal fur. Where does the fur come from? There are horror stories about the fur trade that can scare some people away. But most reputable companies don’t harm animals at all to make their coats. These companies will rely on purchasing furs from legally hunted game and other methods that don’t harm animals for the sake of fashion.

Maximilian has been a premiere line of luxury outerwear for decades. They are made up of experts that love to help clients find the perfect match for their needs and look. Maximilian has become the place to shop for special occasions or everyday outerwear. Traditional and trustworthy, Maximilian has a real fox fur coat collection that’s stylish, quality, and innovative.

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