Desert Safari in Dubai – A Beginners Guide

Dubai the land of tourists and luxury-seeking souls is a marvelous state of the UAE that holds countless attractions to drive millions of tourists. From beautiful skylines to stunning views and luxurious shopping malls or plazas to five and seven-star hotels it provides visitors with a wide room to explore according to their interests and desires. Therefore, it holds the title of the world’s most visited state. 

Dubai provides visitors, tourists, and locals with all types of thrill and adventure. However, a trip to the Dubai desert safari is the perfect way to discover or explore the true essence of this marvelous land. From incredibly stunning natural art to plenty of adrenaline-rushing adventures and thrilling sand sports to cultural heritage it provides visitors with multiple reasons to go for this mesmerizing experience during their trip to Dubai. 

If you are planning for this thrilling excursion or looking for detailed information about it, you are landing on the right page. We are going to discuss here each aspect that you need to know before going on this adventurous trip.

What is Desert Safari in Dubai? 

This worldwide famous excursion is a road map to a thrilling one-day trip. It provides the opportunity to discover the cultural and traditional side of this luxury land with a handful of adventurous activities, funny yet thrilling rides, and sports. Moreover, it also serves visitors traditional and delicious Arabian cuisines to treat their taste buds after a hectic day under the bright sun’s rays. 

Types of Desert Safari 

Desert safari is classified into three main categories based on time and features. Though all types are excellent sources of fun and joy with unlimited access to natural sceneries and hidden secrets, awareness of all aspects of each type is crucial to select the best one. Therefore, we are going to briefly describe here all three types, their features, and their costs. 

  1. Morning Desert Safari 

As indicated by the name, it starts in the morning and ends at 3 pm. It’s best for people who are short of time or want to explore maximum in minimum budget. To enjoy yourself with friends or families with privacy and comfort is the best choice as it’s less crowded than the other two forms. Its main features include; 

  • Mesmerizing sunrise scenery with natural landscapes 
  • Thrilling dune bashing ride 
  • Funny camel ride 
  • Quad biking adventure 
  • Buggy ride to explore the desert in a traditional style 
  • Sandboarding to show your balancing skills 
  • Jeep rally 
  • Falcon photography 
  • Paragliding  

Morning desert safari is cheaper than evening and overnight desert safari. 

  1. Evening Desert Safari 

To witness the breathtaking sunset scenery in the middle of deserts with a stunning background of natural landscapes, an evening desert safari is a perfect choice. Moreover, it also provides the opportunity to explore campsites of the desert and witness the traditional aspects of ancient Arabs. It starts in the afternoon or at 4 pm and lasts till 9 pm.  The main attractions of evening desert safari are; 

  • Sunset view 
  • Falcon photography 
  • Camel ride fun 
  • Dune bashing thrill 
  • Quad biking 
  • Sandboarding 
  • Mountain tracking 
  • Horse riding 
  • Hot air balloon ride 
  • Paragliding 
  • Delicious BBQ dinner 
  • Opportunity to explore traditional values, cultural heritage, clothes, jewelry, and weapons of ancient Arabs
  1. Overnight Desert Safari 

To experience a camping adventure with your loved one under the scary sky of the desert with mesmerizing moon night view and enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner you can select an overnight desert safari. It starts in the evening and lasts till the morning 

The main highlights of overnight desert safari that can drive you crazy are listed here; 

Sunset scenery to capture beautiful memories 

  • Thrilling sand sports including quad biking, sandboarding, and jeep rally 
  • Camel ride, horse ride, and dune bashing adventure 
  • Delicious dinner buffets 
  • Belly dance, Tanura dance, and live music concerts 
  • Shisha and bonfire party 
  • Overnight camping experience 
  • Romantic candlelight dinner but it also included in a luxurious package 

It’s more expensive than both morning and evening desert safari.  

Right Time To Go For Desert Safari 

Though one can go any time for this thrilling excursion when in Dubai but tackling the harsh weather is not easy. The best time to go for this experience is October to March because during this time temperature remains low and most events also take place during this season. If your immune system is strong enough to handle the heat of the desert, you can also go for it in summer and enjoy extremely low rates. 

What To Pack 

Packing is also a crucial aspect to consider before going on this thrilling excursion. Most people, especially beginners, pack unnecessary things due to excitement and unawareness which results in more charges and stress of carrying heavy luggage during traveling. Therefore, always pack short according to your traveling needs. Make sure to keep light and comfortable clothes, tracking shoes, sandals, electric or digital gadgets, and credit cards. 

Packages You Can Select 

Different traveling agencies offer different packages to go for this thrilling excursion. However, most companies usually offer four types of packages based on price and features. 

  • Budget Class 
  • Economic 
  • Business Class 
  • Luxury or VIP 

Essentials of Desert Safari 

To explore every corner of Dubai’s deserts with comfort and ease, you need to have everything you need during traveling or in the desert, in your bag. However, most people ignore this aspect which causes trouble during the trip. Therefore, we listed here all essentials of a desert safari trip; 

  • Digital phones, connectivity devices, charging cables, cameras, and stand 
  • Sunscreen, sun shades, head cap, and scarf or gloves 
  • First aid kit, torchlight, and drinking water 
  • Raincoat, rain boots, and umbrella 

Precautions and Safety Tips 

  • Don’t bring weak immunity, heart, or blood pressure patients, and disabled persons with you 
  • Avoid bringing children under 5 years old 
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and consuming heavy meals before going on desert safari trip 
  • Keep your essential documents, credit cards, and gadgets in a safe but easy-to-reach pocket 
  • Always follow the instruction of your tourist guide 

Final Thought

A trip to a desert safari demands acute care and awareness of everything about it to ensure a safe and secure trip without making a hole in your pocket. You can follow this guide to prepare for this thrilling excursion. From time selection to traveling packages and features of each type to safety tips, it will assist you at each stage to make your trip more memorable.

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