Dress for Success: Selecting Women’s Hunting Pants

While the desirable qualities of hunting pants will vary according to the season and your intended quarry, there are a few things you can look for in quality women’s hunting pants that are pretty constant.

We’ve compiled these below.


Except in the rare summer seasons for doves and groundhogs (and a few other niche game species) most seasons are open in the fall, winter, and early spring when most of the country is fairly cold.

Therefore, make sure you match the hunting apparel, including the pants, to the weather. If it’s cold enough for there to be snow on the ground (or there is snow) you need to be warm.


This will also vary according to conditions. Stand hunters can get away with slightly less tough hunting pants.

But upland hunters, in particular, need the toughest pants of all. All things considered, upland pants should be even tougher than any other hunting clothes.

Upland hunters wade through briar and scrub that will make mincemeat of most pants. Firehose or tough canvas pants are a must.


You cannot stay warm (or comfortable) if you cannot stay dry. Waterproofing is a must, even when it isn’t raining.

In the early morning and late evening hours, when dew collects on the fields, wading through the thick stuff (again, even when it’s not raining) can soak you to the core. If you’re on the way out to your stand and get soaked in the morning, you’ll be in for one seriously uncomfortable day.


Concealment is not necessary for many still hunters. However, for most stand hunters – including deer, waterfowl, predator, and turkey hunters, camouflage is imperative.

Here’s a hot take, though. Your camo patterns don’t actually have to match. As long as both patterns match the predominant scheme of the environment, and do not conflict with each other, you should be good. The point is to break up your outline, not to make you completely invisible. Deer are half-colorblind, anyway.


Another nice feature to look for in women’s hunting pants, especially if you’re going to wear them stand hunting, is construction from silent fabric. Many styles of hunting pants are made with soft brushed tricot fabric that is surprisingly silent.


Hunters need to be able to access their gear easily, such as optics, calls, shells, and tools like knives or saws. Hunting pants with extra pocket space, all things considered, are better.

Drop Seat Design

Sometimes nature calls when you’re in nature. A drop seat design makes it easier to answer, quickly and efficiently, with less risk of a mess and minimal loss of heat.

If It’s Really Cold, Choose Hunting Bibs Instead

One more tip: if you’re going to be hunting in the extreme cold, especially if you’ll be in a stand, consider wearing bibs and a jacket instead of pants and a jacket.

Bibs are a great alternative to pants because they ride higher over your waist, eliminating the seam between your jacket and pants where cold air can get in.

The result? You’ll be warmer – but all the other pointers contained here still apply.

Designed Specifically for Women

Finally, if you’re looking for women’s hunting pants, you might as well get them from a supplier that actually makes them for women. DSG Outerwear, at DSGOuterwear.com, does just that.

They carry a wide selection of women’s hunting pants, jackets, bibs, boots, headwear, gloves, and mittens, among other essentials, all designed by women, and for women.

Don’t spend another cent on women’s hunting gear until you’ve seen what they have to offer.

By Michael Caine

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