Elevating your space with a statement wooden mirror frame


Mirrors are not only necessary domestic items but also crucial elements of home décor. A well-chosen mirror may transform the whole aspect of a room, give it a particular vibe, and become the space’s focal point. 

But have you ever pondered why mirrors make such strong fashion statements? It is because a mirror adds reflection and increases space by extending anything that its reflection touches. And when it’s framed in wood, it becomes a work of art unlike any other.

A wooden frame provides the mirror weight and a distinct appearance and increases the beauty as well as the longevity of the item. 

But, before looking for a wooden mirror frame design in India or a wooden mirror frame online, you should consider the style and kind of frame which best you can choose from the mirror gallery of Kalyanam Furnitures.

What kind of frame would look best in your room? Here are some tried-and-true designs for wooden mirror frames.

1. Old Wooden Mirror Frames

It is another traditional ethnic item to give your room a unique and timeless appearance. This vintage-style wooden frame evokes rich traditional Indian culture. As a result, it will be ideal for adding a bit of ‘desi appeal’ to an Indian atmosphere. Choose an antique item if you want something timeless. 

The antique mirror frames are regal and sophisticated. The royal elegance of the mirror, with its traditional antique design and polish, will undoubtedly be one of your valued possessions. These varieties are also very long-lasting owing to high-quality wood and traditional workmanship. 

These frames should be used in a space with ethnic elements such as floor cushions, carved sofas, and brass artefacts with handloom-type upholstery. 

2. Carved Wooden Mirror Frames

This mirror frame wood is a work of art in its own right. These frames, which are often hand-carved, show great artistry in their elaborate patterns. When put on, it immediately adds an ethnic touch to the decor. 

The carving techniques, patterns, and motifs are limitless. The possibilities range from big block carving to intricately carved motifs. It’s interesting to see wooden vines peeking out from within foliage and other sculptures. 

3. Painted Wood Mirror Frames

Painted wood mirror frames are more modern and contemporary. If you want to add a quirky or kitschy touch to your area, hang this mirror on a huge, monochromatic-coloured wall. Several painted wood frames may also be positioned congested to make the corner immediately eye-catching. This frame style adds the proper zing to your living room, bedroom, or dining area.

4. Wood Stick on Mirror Frame

There are several methods to adorn a mirror frame, but one of the most common is to use a wooden stick. This decorating is often seen in country-style houses, although it may also be found in more contemporary residences. It is an excellent choice to add a touch of rustic appeal to your house.

5. Designer Mirror Frames

Once again, this wooden mirror frame design has no bounds regarding imagination and creativity. Designer mirror frames may offer your area an immediate individual style, from traditional to modern, classic to trendy. 

These frames may be the ultimate focal point in various forms and sizes, styles and patterns, transforming the area into utter luxury! Arrange additional furniture, props, and upholstery around a beautiful mirror frame in your entryway, living room, bedroom, or even bathroom. Make certain that your home décor will be the buzz of the town.

With a few modest changes, wooden mirror frames may completely transform the atmosphere of a space. If you are seeking wooden mirror frames online in India, you may visit Kalyanam, which has a large selection of wooden mirror frames in various designs, sizes, and price ranges. 

6. Full-length Wooden Frame Mirror

If you want to put a wooden mirror frame design in your bedroom or dressing area, consider one that is long or tall enough to allow you to view your full reflection. 

It will assist you in determining your ultimate appearance after you are clothed and ready to face the world. You may add basic or elegant matching toned shelves on the side to store all your dressing supplies, giving your room a nice, ordered appearance. 

Placing a lovely wall-mounted lamp above the mirror will provide you with enough focused light while you’re getting ready. Before you go, don’t forget to take a traditional mirror selfie!

7. Wall Mirror in the Shape of a Circle

To improve the ambiance of your house, use a round mirror. Compared to other forms, round mirrors provide the greatest diversity and quickly provide a luxurious sense to your space. Install a spherical wall mirror to reflect natural light around the area, making it seem bigger.

8. Mirror with a Traditional Indian Wooden Frame

A beautiful rustic Indian hardwood frame mirror with lovely decorations all around the frame will provide a traditional touch to your home. It may give a space a more earthy look. Hanging an Indian mirror in the living room is the nicest idea ever.

9. Mirror in the French Style

They are sometimes referred to as trumeau mirrors. In the 18th century, the first Trumeau mirrors were made in France. French furniture from the seventeenth century is considered the peak of elegance, superb workmanship, and a high-quality ornamental art form.

10. Corner Clusters

There is a fine line between crowding a wall and highlighting its beauty. Consider the corner wall in the image, which has mirrors of various shapes and sizes hanging on it. You may either go to chor bazaars (flea markets) to select your ideal assortment or hire a carpenter. In any case, we guarantee that there will be magnificent order in this chaotic arrangement.

Bottom Line

Mirrors provide interest and depth to any room and reflect light to make it seem bigger and brighter. What’s not to love about mirrors? 

They might be rather pricey. These inexpensive DIY mirror frame ideas can transform any basic mirror into a stunning showpiece.

With a few modest changes, wooden mirror frames may completely transform the atmosphere of a space. If you are seeking wooden mirror frame design online in India, you may visit Kalyanam, which has a large selection of wooden mirror frames in various designs, sizes, and price ranges. 

So, don’t hurry out and purchase wooden mirror frames; choose them carefully and patiently. Use your imagination while putting it, and watch the magic emerge!

By Michael Caine

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