Ithor Pro Universal Cartridge Box Mod Mix Design -1ct

Combining and contrasting various vaping devices might be perplexing, but it can also be enjoyable and gratifying. Knowing what is compatible with what may be challenging, given the abundance of possibilities. Ithor Pro can help with that. This universal cartridge box mod is the best option for anyone who wishes to mix and match vaping equipment without worrying because it is compatible with almost every vaping gear. In more detail, we shall examine Ithor Pro and its mixed design in this post. We’ll also go over the advantages of utilizing this mod and the reasons it’s so well-liked among vapers. Visit our vape wholesale and get your favourite vapes. 

Ithor Pro Universal Cartridge Box Mod Mix Design -1ct

The newest cartomizer model from Ithor is called the Pro. A blend of traditional and contemporary design elements is present. The mod’s ergonomic grip and sizable fire button make it simple to hold. The Author Pro comes in three distinct colour options to personalize your smartphone to your taste.

The retail price for the Ithor Pro is USD 59.99, and it is offered in rose gold, titanium, or stainless steel color choices.

Features of Ithor Pro Universal Cartridge Box Mod Mix Design -1ct

One of the greatest cartridge box mods is the Ithor Pro Universal Cartridge Box Mod Mix Design, which has several advantages. The first feature is the customizable display, which enables you to choose the color of each LED backlight. This gives your mod a distinctive appearance and makes it simpler to tell which button is which.

The variable wattage and temperature control are the following feature. This makes it ideal for both new and seasoned vapor fans since you can change the wattage and temperature to your preferred level. Thanks to the Author Pro’s built-in battery level indicator, you can always see how much life is left.

This cartridge box mod’s top-notch artistry is its last distinguishing trait. A long-lasting metal construction is used to create the Ithor Pro. Any vaper will love the sleek, contemporary look, which makes it ideal.

Ithor Pro Universal Cartridge Box Mod Mix Design is a top-tier cartridge box mod overall. It is ideal for vaping, thanks to its many features.

How to use Ithor Pro Universal Cartridge Box Mod Mix Design -1ct

The Author Pro Universal Cartridge Box Mod is a great way to switch up your vaping experience! This mixed design lets you use two different types of cartridges in one device, allowing you to experience different flavors and nicotine levels. To use the Ithor Pro Universal Cartridge Box Mod, follow these steps: 

1. Remove the battery cap from the cartridge that you would like to use. Ensure the firing pin is pulled back so the cartridge will not fire.

2. Insert the battery into the mod and push it in until it clicks into place.

3. Push the cartridge loaded with nicotine into the firing pin hole on top of the mod. Be sure not to touch any other device parts with your fingers while doing this!

4. Close the battery cap and screw it back on tightly. You’re done!

The Final Verdict on Ithor Pro Universal Cartridge Box Mod Mix Design -1ct

Displaying your vaping prowess with the Ithor Pro Universal Cartridge Box Mod Mix Design is brilliant. This cartridge box mod will make your day brighter because it comes in a variety of six colors. Thanks to the mix-and-match design, you may combine components in many ways to create the ideal vaping experience. Visit our vape shops wholesale and get vape device at best rates.

With an atomizer resistance of 0.15 ohms and a maximum wattage of 80 watts, this cartridge box mod has more than enough power to complete the task. Using this gadget is simple and enjoyable because of the simple controls, and it will survive many adventures thanks to its rugged build. Anyone searching for a distinctive and fashionable vaping experience needs the Ithor Pro Universal Cartridge Box Mod Mix Design.

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The mix-and-match design allows for endless combinations.

The Author Pro Universal Cartridge Box Mod Mix Design provides plenty of power.

The easy-to-use controls make using this device easy and fun.

The construction is durable and will last through many adventures.


The Author Pro Universal Cartridge Box Mod Mix Design is a unique and stylish device that is sure to turn heads. With its mixed design, this cartridge box mod offers an interesting and unique vaping experience. Whether you are looking for a new and exciting mod to add to your collection or want something different to show off, the Ithor Pro Universal Cartridge Box Mod Mix Design is a must-have!

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