KBC Headquarters Official Helpline Number for 2023

You can reach the KBC team at the KBC Head Office Number or the KBC Helpline number and WhatsApp Numbers if you are looking for prompt and friendly support from the KBC team. In Any Way That We Can, We Stand Ready To Assist You. When you call one of the KBC numbers listed above, a customer service representative will answer your call and help you with any questions or concerns you may have. They will provide you with adequate direction on how to collect your KBC prize amount and how to become eligible for the KBC All India Sim Card Lucky Draw Competition. We have launched an official hotline number, which can reach at your convenience. Do Not Hesitate to Contact the KBC Head Office over WhatsApp at the Number Provided.

The KBC Head Office Number in Mumbai:

A number of the KBC Head Office in Mumbai! Make a call right now at KBC Helpline Number to see the most recent winners’ list for the KBC Lottery. You may also inquire about registering for the upcoming season of KBC. KBC Fans always have access to the KBC Live WhatsApp Support Team via their mobile devices. Have Confidence! You May Contact Our WhatsApp Support Team Whenever It Is Convenient For You. This is the authorised method for obtaining up-to-date information regarding the KBC Lottery. You may find out more information about the KBC Jio Lucky Draw or the All India Sim Card Lucky Draw by calling us here at this location. This information is also available on the KBC’s official website, which may here.

Call our official complaint centre in Mumbai as soon as possible if you receive any phone calls or messages claiming that you have won a prize of twenty-five thousand rupees. In the event that you, a member of your family, or a member of your extended family has been the victim of any kind of fraud, you can also file a complaint about the incident. The KBC Head Office in Mumbai can reached.

KBC Head Office in Kolkata:

Your data as well as the information you give to scammers might protected by the head office in Kolkata, which has important security details. Our Officer Is Present In The Office Around the Clock To Assist And Protect You From Any Potential Forgers. Ensure That You Are Safe, Because Your Protection Is Our Number One Concern.

This is also the place where the address of the KBC headquarters mentioned. You are now able to locate the KBC Head Office that is most convenient for you. The KBC’s Main Head Office Located in Mumbai, and All Of These Branches Report To It For Direction And Supervision. In the event that your questions are not satisfactorily answered, you may file a complaint with the main head office.

Official WhatsApp number or their head office number:

Dear KBC Lovers, We have recently come to the realisation that a large number of people are receiving fake calls from fake KBC head offices, and that dishonest individuals are using the name of KBC in order to defraud honest individuals. The sending of these types of messages puts financial burdens on KBC customers who have subscribed to the service. They make a public announcement that they are the winners of the KBC lottery; if you are in the same position as them, we ask that you disregard the notice and not put your faith in people who make such claims. You will be able to avoid this unpleasant circumstance if you call the KBC head office at the number or the KBC contact number at the number instead.

Significant possibility

If you call any number that is not officially associated with KBC, there is a significant possibility that you will taken advantage of. You should get in touch with the KBC head office at the number provided because doing so is the most secure way to proceed with playing and winning KBC. You Should Not Be Afraid To Collect Your KBC Prize Because It Is Not A Scam Of Any Kind.

Business hours:

During regular business hours, which are Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, people can contact you. If you call after normal business hours, you will give the option to leave a voice message with your name and mobile phone number. Within the next few hours, a representative from our company will call you back. You can also submit your questions, and we will send the answers to your questions to the email address you provide in the submission.

Please Take Extra Caution When Dealing With Fake Numbers. Some people claiming have been committing fraud in the name of KBC. They are taking advantage of naive individuals. If you receive any calls from the numbers listed above, please contact the KBC Head Office or the KBC Complaint Number.

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