Key Steps Involved In Writing Compare & Contrast Essay

An effective compare and contrast essay requires a clear understanding of the subject matter. It needs the ability to organize and present the information in a logical and coherent manner. In writing, the comparison reflects similar elements. The contrast discusses the different elements between two groups or subjects. 

Key steps involved in writing a compare and contrast essay include researching and selecting the appropriate topic, developing a thesis statement, creating an outline, and identifying and analyzing the similarities and differences between the two subjects. Perfectessaywriting understands the importance of a well-written compare and contrast essay and strives to provide their clients with the best possible service. Whether you need help with the research, writing, or editing, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

You may find some specialities in compare & contrast essays. All you need is a detailed study of the problem. This article aims to discuss the key steps required to perform while writing compare and contrast essay.

The Key Steps Required

In compare & contrast essay, you have to work on the structure. It helps you remove several confusions of it, and everything should be understandable. The key steps of writing a compare & contrast essay as follows.

Subject, Thesis Statement and Outlines 

You can better analyze the problem, so you have to be careful about the essay’s subject. The selection of subject demand high brainstorming. Venn diagrams can help you in this regard. The purpose of using Venn diagrams is to compare the subjects and identify their similarities and differences. It is a graphic tool that can overlap the circle if there is any similarity between subjects. The part of the circle other than overlap shows the differences between selected subjects. You must go for the right selection of methods  for devising a subject .

Select one from the following are three methods while writing a compare & contrast essay:

Similarities and differences:

It resembles to the approach of an alternation. It requires several sections of a paragraph depending on the topic of discussion. Also, the aspect of similarities and differences should be the high focal point. This method is the simplest one and requires a short time.

Alternating method:

The alternating method discusses different points in one paragraph with high clarity. Its purpose is to generate a relationship between selected subjects and explain them within one paragraph. Most readers easily comprehend this approach. 

Block Method: 

The last method that can help you brainstorm a subject is the block method. In this method, you have to make blocks in the essay. Each block represents one subject in detail. After discussing different features of a subject, move forward and discuss other blocks in the same way. It is the strongest and most reliable one. As it helps in grasping the great attention of the reader by providing insights into the relationship between subjects. 

After subject brainstorming, work on the thesis statement. It provides a foundation for the essay and puts light on the main aim of the study. 

Develop a plan for the essay which include major and minor headings. It includes the same format as other essays such as an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusions.

Writing Introduction of Compare & Contrast Essay

Start an essay with an introduction which covers the headlines. You can make a compelling introduction by using a rhetorical question or other hook sentences. There should be a glimpse of background information which removes confusion up to a great extent. At the end of the introduction, you have to add a thesis statement. The introduction must be informative to engage the reader till the end.

Explain Body of the Essay

You can divide compare & contrast essay into three body paragraphs. In this way. It makes the essay easy to understand for the reader. The purpose of each paragraph should be clear to you. The first paragraph should describe a relation between subjects. The second should work on the comparison of subjects. You have must cover all the supposed challenges in the last paragraph

Conclude And Review the Essay’s Draft 

A good compare & contrast essay demands an effective end. It can finally prove connecting points between subjects. Use your concluding paragraph to summarize your compare & contrast essay. It is the last chance to prove the thesis statement and represent the personal point of view logically. 

After writing, you can make its draft and check if it has followed a  standard structure. Take an overview of compare & contrast essay and identify mistakes.

Proofread and Revise

You must follow the instructions and make amendments to an essay after feedback. Revise the whole document and update the draft. Make the new draft, which is free from errors as final draft. Submit your compare & contrast essay after proofreading. Give it a final touch by checking if it has all points as mentioned in the outlines.


The above-mentioned points can help you understand several aspects related to compare & contrast essay. Each step of this essay requires special consideration. Also, it helps a lot in critically evaluating a particular aspect. Without in-depth evaluation, you cannot grasp the core points that build relationships between the selected subjects. Also, you have to be careful about the writing style of the essay, including its structure. 

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