Learn Why Free IP PBX For Business is the Future

Several names, including VoIP PBX, Cloud PBX, or a VoIP server, know an IP PBX solution. Essentially, it’s all the same: a business phone system connecting calls to and from the outside world via a centralized switch system. The PBX replaces numerous individual phone lines.

What is an IP PBX?

To simplify the definition, IP (or internet protocol) is concerned with data transmission between servers. Calls are established via an internet connection with IP telephony. A PBX (private branch exchange) is your internal business telephone network that serves as a gateway for incoming and outgoing business phone calls. A free IP PBX can be installed on-premises or hosted by a VoIP provider.

The IP PBX’s primary function is to handle call traffic to and from business premises and internal calls across the business’s telephone network. An IP PBX system allows users to share multiple phone lines and switches call between VoIP users.

How does an IP PBX work?


Your outgoing and incoming calls are received and transmitted over the internet by an IP phone system. An IP system, like VoIP technology, accomplishes this by converting analog voice signals into digital data packets and routing these data packets to a VoIP service provider to initiate and terminate each call.

An IP PBX typically employs the universal SIP (session initiation protocol), which is used in most business VoIP systems. When using a PBX, SIP trunking is required, a solution allowing multiple separate lines or voice channels. SIP trunks are used to connect desk phones and other network hardware. Businesses can use their IP-based PBX to set up call groups, route calls, and check voicemails.

Reasons to Switch to an IP PBX

Switching to an IP PBX is wise if you want to reduce your telephony and communications costs, improve reliability, scale up, or go global. Adopting an IP-based communications system can have some advantages, so here are a few reasons you should consider switching.

East to use and manageable

Whether you choose a cloud solution or an on-premise PBX, an IP PBX will be managed through a web-based dashboard. That means that skilled or unskilled technicians should be able to easily maintain, customize, and fine-tune your phone system to meet your specific requirements. By efficiently managing your free PBX, you can save your IT team time and money on dedicated technicians.

Save money on communication

If your company frequently makes international calls or your telephony costs are rising, a hosted PBX could save you a significant amount on your monthly bills. Your monthly fees could be significantly reduced if you use an IP system and a VoIP provider for long-distance or international calls. Similarly, if you have a multi-site office structure, you can easily connect the systems, allowing you to make free phone calls.


Switching from an on-premises PBX to a hosted PBX solution improves mobility, flexibility, and access to a slew of advanced phone features that boost business efficiency.

Aavaz’s cloud phone system serves your entire workforce via a single, centralized, cloud-based platform, reliably delivering all your communications needs via the internet. Every team members has the access to the same advanced, robust features and functions, whether in the office, at their home, or on the go.

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