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The Sondai Fort was constructed to serve as a watchtower for monitoring the surroundings. The name of the trek is based on the goddess of Sondai. Because it lacks a proper structure, the tree above the temple is thought to be its wall.


The Sondai fort trek is a small hill fort trek that is more like a watchtower and stands at 365 meters above sea level. Sondewadi and Wavarle, two villages, are at the base of the fort. From the fort, Sondewadi village is at quarter height.

The Morba Dam, Prabalgad, Songiri, Rajmachi, and Irshal forts, as well as the Matheran mountain range, are clearly visible from the Sondai Fort summit. The fort has four water tanks, two of which provide potable water. On top of the fort, there is also an idol of Sondai Devi, and the steps leading to it are carved out of rocks. To make the climb easier, the villagers have constructed two ladders. While the second ladder takes us directly to the top, the first ladder has two cisterns to its right.

The trail: The Sondai Fort Trek has a short, easy trail that leads to the fort in about an hour. During the monsoon, the rock steps make the trail a little rougher because they become slippery.

The fort can be reached in one of two ways. Since the way from Wavarle goes through a thicket of forested land, the approach is a little more challenging than the one from Sondewadi.

How to Get There: From Mumbai, the Sion-Panvel Expressway or the Eastern Express Highway can be used to get there by road.

Take the Mumbai-Pune Expressway to Khopoli from Pune, then take the Khopoli-Karjat road to Talawani.

There are direct trains from Mumbai and Pune to Karjat, making it easier to travel by train. One must either take the seven-seater rickshaw known as a tumtum or an ST bus to reach Sondewadi’s base village.

Sondai fort is unique from other forts because it is part of the Matheran mountain range. On top of Sondai Fort is a small temple dedicated to the goddess Sondai. Sondai Devi gave the Sondai Fort its name. On Sondai Fort, the only available fortification is a few water tanks. The surrounding mountains can be seen in all directions from the Sondai fort.

The Sondai fort is a watchtower rather than a fort. The locals worship Sondai devi. The views of Irshalgad, Morbe Dam, Matheran, Prabalgad Fort, Karnala Fort, Songiri Fort, and Rajmachi Fort from Sondai Fort are breathtaking.

The Sondai Fort trek route is straightforward and well-marked up to the fort’s summit. Sondewadi village is begging of the treThe Sondai Fort Trek takes you through a muddy field, multiple iron ladders, rock patches, and jungle.

One of the best day hikes near Mumbai and Pune is the Sondai Fort Trek. The best time to visit Sondai fort is during the monsoon. Treks to Sondai Fort are ideal for novices and first-timers.

food and water storage:

In the vicinity of Sondewadi village, there are no hotels. However, residents of Sondewadi village can arrange for food and water. There is no water supply at Sondai Fort. Bring plenty of water with you.

How to Get There:

Get off at the Karjat Railway Station. easy route is acessable from thane munbai pune There is no direct bus service to the Sondai Fort base. Take the ST bus or a shared TumTum from Karjat to Borgaon Phata, both of which cost Rs.10 per person. from Borgaon phata 5km walk is there to sondewali village . When traveling in groups, reserve a vehicle until Sondewadi village. close to 10Km distance is there between sondai fort and karjat .

From the base villages, where to:

Trek to the Sondai fort from Sondewadi:

Turn right from Sondewadi onto a kuchcha road that leads to the fort. Watch out for a broad trail that branches off from the right side of the road about 300 meters from the hamlet. Before turning left in the direction of the fort, this trail ascends a gentle plateau. A relatively exposed traverse across the fort’s western face is followed by a straightforward rock patch. After the traverse, the hill’s shoulder can be reached by making a U-turn. This is a great trek for beginners due to the two sturdy ladders that have been installed over tricky rock patches near the top. Continue down the same route.

Pokharwadi to Matheran via Rambaug Point:

From Pokharwadi, ascend a trail on your right after passing the concrete bridge over the Katwan stream. This trail joins a kuccha road that goes all the way to Burujwadi. A trail joins the trail from Borichi Gaani (Dhangarwada) at the base of Rambaug spur from the paddy fields opposite the wadi. Chowki, a tiled bench on the edge of Rambaug forest, can be reached by turning left and climbing the spur. The trail begins in Chowki and winds its way through thick forest before gently escalating the cliff to the Rambaug point viewing gallery. From Matheran, you can either walk all the way to Dasturi Naka (approximately) or take a narrow-gauge train to Aman Lodge. 5 kilometers) of Rambaug Point.

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