The 10 Best Schools In Riyadh For International Students

Education is a fundamental human right. Every child deserves a good education so that they can become better global citizens in the future. These norms differ slightly from the rest of the world in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh. Local schools only educate in Arabic, making it difficult for non-natives to learn. As a result, local schools do not accept children of non-citizens.

If you are a non-native living in Riyadh, an international school might be beneficial in educating your child. The curriculum in these schools is American, and the medium of instruction is English. The batch size varies from school to school. These best international schools in Riyadh, however, adhere to the Saudi-Arabian conventional working week, which runs from Sunday to Thursday.

The fees at Riyadh School are comparable to those at other international schools around the world. Riyadh is home to 45 international schools. Here is a list of the top 8 international baccalaureate schools in Riyadh.

1. OWIS RIYADH (One World International School)

OWIS is one of Riyadh’s top international schools. They follow the American curriculum, and English is the medium of instruction. Their typical class size is 24 people. The school provides bus service and extracurricular activity facilities, assuring your child’s well-rounded growth. According to Riyadh school fees standards, this institution charges approximately $728 USD each year.

2. Qimam El-Hayat International School

The curriculum at Qimam El-Hayat International School is international. The medium of teaching is English, and they also offer curricular and extracurricular programmes that guide pupils down routes with high learning objectives. International schools in Riyadh fees range from $2,528 to $3,859 USD.

3. Makers Learning School International

This school also adheres to an international curriculum and uses English as the medium of instruction. It was previously known as My Little School International. Their batch size fluctuates between 18 and 20 students.

4. Manarat Al Riyadh International School

Both the American and British curricula are followed at Manarat Al Riyadh International. Their method of instruction is English, and they strive to provide pupils with a high-quality education that will help them become better citizens. Their annual price ranges from $6,732 USD to $10,883 USD.

5. Dome International School

Dome International School follows British and American curricula, and English is the medium of instruction. Each class has 20 to 24 pupils. They provide services such as bus transportation and extracurricular activities. Their annual price ranges from $6,685 to $10,678 USD.

6. Downe House, Riyadh

Downe House is an international school with a batch strength of 20 to 24 students per class. They follow the British curriculum, and their fee ranges from 13,770 USD to 24,480 USD/Year.

7. Aldenham Prep International

Aldenham Prep provides superior British education to its students. Each batch has 16 to 20 pupils. Their yearly price is usually around 12,240 USD, but it can go up to 16,830 USD.

8. SEK International School

SEK International, founded in 1892, is one of the oldest schools. The curriculum is based on the IB (International Baccalaureate). It is a multilingual co-educational school. Its annual price ranges from $12,240 USD to $18,972 USD.


After reading this far, it is up to you as parents to determine which school is best for your child based on their needs and objectives. Many parameters, such as the curriculum, batch size, medium of instruction, and charge, have been included above for your convenience. Choose a school that offers all of the conveniences for high-quality education at the most affordable price.

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