The Best Shaving Creams to Buy In 2023

Finding the perfect shaving cream, especially for sensitive skin, is challenging. Barbers who shave clients regularly or occasionally need a quality shaving cream that does not affect or damage the skin. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best shaving creams to buy in 2023. The shaving creams on this list are rich in ingredients that moisturize all skin types to prevent irritation and dryness. When looking for a gentle cream on the beard and skin, any of these options is a great selection.

1. Proraso Shaving Cream

Proraso shaving cream is the ideal product for old-school razor shaving. It has a thicker consistency to prevent cuts on the face. With over seven decades of experience making quality shaving creams, Proraso uses gentle formulations on the skin. This cream has glycerine and eucalyptus oil for moisturizing the skin and softening hair for smooth passing of the razor. In addition, the menthol gives a cooling effect to revitalize the skin after a nice session.

2. Clubman Classic Barber Shave Cream

The Clubman classic barber shave cream is the choice for most barbers worldwide. It is a classic shaving cream with aloe vera, shea butter, and cocoa seed butter to moisturize the skin. As a result, the shaving razor easily glides on the skin without leaving tiny cuts. In addition, the shea butter and cocoa butter seeds minimize skin dryness. The Clubman classic barber shave cream is also paraben and phthalate free, making it safe for all types of beards and facial skin.

3. Morgan’s Shaving Cream

Morgan’s shaving cream is perfect for daily shaving as it is light enough for close shaves. The aloe vera and wheatgerm oil give soothing effects while shaving to reduce razor burns. It also softens all types of bear hair for the hair to trim hairs with each razor stroke smoothly. Morgan’s shaving cream blends well with sensitive skin since the aloe vera locks in all the moisture in the skin. This effect creates a protective layer where the razor meets the skin to reduce irritation.

4. WAHL Shave Cream

WAHL is a reputable brand for all shaving products, including creams. WAHL shave cream is infused with essential oils to soothe sensitive skin while reducing cuts, nicks and razor burns. The moringa oil, meadowfoam seed and Manuka combination make shaving effortless, even for close shaves. WAHL shave cream does not contain dyes or parabens. Hence, it does not cause itchiness and dryness, even on sensitive skin. In addition, the clove oil keeps facial skin revitalized and smelling great after a clean shave.

5. Luxina Shaving Cream

Most shaving products are used either before, during, or after shaving. Luxina shave cream is unique because of its rich ingredients to care for the face and beard. Menthol, camphor and eucalyptus have a soothing and revitalizing effect on the skin and improve blood circulation. After a clean shave, the glycerine smoothens the skin to prevent itching or irritation.

6. Immortal Infuse Shaving Gel

The Immortal Infuse shaving gel is performance infused to be gentle on all types of beards and skins. It contains no oils and combines glycerine, aqua, and hydrogenated castor oil for a smooth and clean shave. These ingredients enhance the skin’s ability to prevent irritation and keep it glowing. After rinsing the face, the gel leaves a sweet scent on the skin that is not overpowering.

7. Sul Filo del Rasoio (SFDR) Shaving Cream

One of the best shaving creams that revitalize the skin without chemical exposure is SFDR shaving cream. It combines natural ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera, grapeseed extract and other complex vitamins that nourish the skin. This shaving cream is from Proraso, a well-known Italian maker of high-quality grooming products for men. It may deliver similar effects to the Proraso shave cream. The vitamin E and aloe vera lock in the moisture to soften the skin for smooth gliding of the razor’s edge on the skin.

8. American Crew Lather Shave Cream

American Crew Lather Shave Cream is foamy and lathery to soften each strand of hair for an effortless shave. It slightly lifts the hair on the skin for a close shave while preventing razor burns and irritation. It contains glycerine and caprylyl glycol for moisturizing the skin and improving hydration to protect against dryness after shaving. The sodium hydroxide further protects the skin by balancing the pH and clearing out excess oil to prevent damage.

9. WAHL Traditional Barbers Shave Cream

The WAHL Traditional Barbers Shave Cream quickly lubricates the skin with its creamy lather for smooth razor action on the skin. It has coconut oil for moisturizing the skin and protecting against dryness. This shaving cream is 100% made in Australia and is desirable for professional use only. It keeps the hair soft for a clean shave without cuts and nicks.

While taste and preference play a huge role in finding the best shaving cream, it is time to consider one that gives the best results. The creams listed here are safe for daily use and easy to travel anywhere.

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