Top Must-Have Travel Trailer Accessories Before Hitting The Road

When you’re living in a brand-new RV or trailer that’s missing some basic amenities, a few well-chosen additions may make life much more convenient and enjoyable.

After a few RV camping trips, you’ll have a lot better idea of what travel trailer accessories you actually need and which are unnecessary. But don’t fret if you’re new to RV camping; We compiled this checklist to help you make sure you have some of the basics covered.

Even if you already possess a fully loaded luxury motorhome, you may still discover a valuable RV item on this list to help you outfit your rig appropriately.

Let’s jump right into this guide of travel trailer must-haves!

Surge Protector

This is the one thing you absolutely must not ignore or attempt to cut back on. If you want to avoid the inconvenience, expense, and potential safety hazards of an electrical “incident” at a campsite, invest in a surge protector for your recreational vehicle.

Every piece of electronic equipment in your RV is vulnerable to destruction from a power surge, brownout, or poorly connected base. This is something you can’t afford to ignore.

Protect your recreational vehicle with the use of a surge protector. It’s an essential item for those who like to camp in recreational vehicles. Consider the amperage you’ll need before making your decision, but the Hughes Autoformer Power Watchdog Bluetooth Portable Surge Protector is a good place to start.

Water Supply Hose

Second on our list of RV necessities is a drinking water hose, because you can go without fresh produce for a little longer than you can go without clean water.

Whether you are staying at an RV park and using the city’s water supply, or simply filling up your RV’s fresh water tank before continuing your journey, you will need to be able to hook up to a water source.

The water connection you’re using to hook up to might not always be very close to the potable water inlets on your RV or the city water inlets. This should be kept in mind while selecting a drinking water hose for your travel trailer.

Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator

The water pressure in the park has the potential to break one of your water lines.  If you don’t have one of these essential motorhome accessories, your vehicle could potentially flood while you’re camping.

Water pressure can be adjusted with the help of the Camco 40058 Water Pressure Regulator. It shields your mobile home’s plumbing, water heater, and other fixtures from excessive or low water pressure, which can cause costly repairs.

RV Outdoor Mat

An outside RV mat of sufficient size is something you should give some thought to purchasing if you don’t already have one. You can help keep your RV floor clean and sand-free by using these mats. You may use it to set up your outdoor kitchen or exercise equipment without having to worry about soiling your shoes.

An RV outdoor mat is a simple way to give any outside space a patio-like ambiance without having to actually build a patio. You can avoid a lot of unnecessary cleaning work while also upping the overall appearance of your RV with one of these simple additions.

So, there you go. These camper travel trailer accessories are just the tip of the iceberg however, but they are essential if you plan on spending any time outdoors in your trailer. If you want to hit the road fully prepared, you may find more suggestions at

By Michael Caine

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