Ways to store fresh fish

Preserving the freshness of fish is easier said than done. Fish can degrade quite quickly and lose their flavour and texture, in addition to becoming unhealthy for consumption. This is why storing fresh fish in optimal conditions is crucial for our health and well-being.
The length of time it will stay fit for consumption varies according to the type of fish. In general, it’s not recommended to consume fish older than two days if it’s not frozen after bringing it home.
Make sure that you only buy the freshest fish from the market. Always double-check the quality. When buying fresh fish online, choose trusted stores that are known to sell only high-quality fish. Clean your hands with soap and water before and after handling the fish. Ensure that the fish is not exposed to moisture. Water fastens the decomposition rate of fresh fish. It also serves as a medium for bacterial growth. Therefore, it is important to dry the fish with clean paper towels after cleaning it. When handling fish make sure that its exposure to warm air is minimized. It also must not come in contact with any foreign substance that can contaminate it.

When storing the fish in the refrigerator/freezer, make sure to cover it as the air in the refrigerator can dry it out. Make sure not to stack the fish on top of each other as this will expose them to each other’s moisture. If the fish is not meant to be consumed within two days of purchase, make sure you freeze it after bringing it home. The ways to store fresh fish to preserve the freshness for longer are given below.

Steps for storing fresh fish in the refrigerator

1. Wash your hands.
2. Clean the fresh fish.
3. Cut it into small/thin pieces or fillets.
4. Place it all in a single layer in airtight plastic bags/aluminium trays. Use multiple bags if a single bag is not big enough to arrange all the fish into a single layer.
5. Place the bags/trays of fresh fish on top of the ice. Don’t let the ice touch the fish directly.
6. Add more ice on top of the bags.
7. If there are multiple bags, layer them on top of each other with layers of ice in between each bag.

Steps for freezing fresh fish:

1. Take out the fish from the store packaging.
2. Rinse it under running water.
3. Place the fish in airtight bags or containers.
4. Store it in a freezer at 00C or lower.

The way fish is stored determines how long it stays fresh. Follow the above steps while storing fish for long. Consuming fresh fish has many health benefits. Fish also tastes best when consumed fresh. Dishes made of fish also taste the most delicious when made using fresh fish. Especially dishes like sushi or ceviche which involves raw fish.

I buy fresh fish online when I can’t find good fish from fish markets near me. Consuming fresh seafood is environmentally friendly and contributes a lot to saving marine life. When frozen food is consumed in a greater amounts, then people tend to store it unnecessarily in refrigerators. They may or may not consume the same in the future.

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