What Exactly is a Cloud PBX? How can it Help You?

A cloud phone system is a digital representation of an on-premise phone system. They have a number of modern features that make work and communication easier.

A 5-megabyte drive weighed over 2,000 pounds and required an entire cargo plane to transport it. Every day, the world generates at least 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. It also does not require a plane or a pin for storage.

Guess what has enabled us to instantly create, process, store, and retrieve such massive amounts of data? Computing in the cloud. The quintillion bytes of data we generate is stored on cloud servers, which grow in size and volume by the minute.

If that’s the case, telephony, the primary mode of communication, should jump on board as well, right?

Telephony has been moved to the cloud for at least two decades. However, cloud telephony has only recently become accessible, and more importantly, usable for the general public. In fact, even if you aren’t aware of it, you are probably using a cloud PBX phone system right now. Do you want to learn more about a cloud phone system?

What is a Cloud PBX Phone System?

Cloud PBX

A cloud PBX phone system is a phone system that allows you to make, receive, or manage calls over an internet connection rather than a traditional analogue (or PSTN) connection.

Cloud phone system needs zero telephony hardware as well as run on cloud-based servers that are hosted available on the internet. A cloud phone system utilises a CTI (Cloud Telephony Integration), a web apps, or a mobile application to enable communication system.

Undeniable Benefits of Using Cloud PBX System

Cloud phone systems improve business communication and collaboration by providing numerous advantages. These are features that supplement what previously on-premise phone systems offered. In other words, by opting for a cloud phone system, you will not lose any of the benefits of an on-premise system; rather, you will gain more.

No messy Maintenance

Cloud phones do not require physical cables, desk phones, or PBX boxes. They require almost no telephony hardware. This significantly reduces the need for phone system maintenance. When desk phones break or become obsolete, you don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing them.

Instant Onboarding

A cloud phone system allows for immediate setup. They typically take the form of a SaaS product that you can sign up for, set up, and begin using on your own, with no assistance. You can also configure call flows, IVR menus and sub-menus, call routing rules, and much more in less than a day.

All device friendly

A dedicated device is not required to create a cloud phone system. It is sufficient to use your existing laptop, smartphone, IP phone, or any other telephony device that can connect to the internet. A cloud phone system is a web or mobile app that can be accessed via a web browser or a mobile app. As a result, it is a phone system that is compatible with all devices.


The old phones are dying or have died. Cloud phones are here to stay. A new world order in which connections are reliable, voice quality is excellent, flexibility is standard, and scalability is assured. The cloud can be found everywhere. It pervades our surroundings. You can feel it at work even now as you look at your screen.

By Michael Caine

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