Why does Nissan Malaysia not like to launch new models and why is the new generation of X-Trail delayed in our country?

Nissan is the third largest Japanese brand after Toyota and Honda, but for the operation of the Southeast Asian market, Nissan is actually inferior to the other two rivals, both in terms of sales and car selection, and today we will take a look at why Nissan is not doing well in the Southeast Asian market.

Why does Nissan Malaysia not like to launch new models and why is the new generation of X-Trail delayed in our country? First of all, the most important thing for car manufacturers is to design excellent cars and complete sales to gain profits, but the original manufacturer actually does not have a car model that meets the needs of consumers for the Southeast Asian market, take our country as an example, in our country, the best-selling models are B-Segment or C-Segment cars, and Nissan actually does not have too many cars for us in this class. Nissan doesn’t have many cars for us in this class.

Even the Serena, an MPV model that has no rivals in its class, is not very visible on the road, and the X-Trail (the previous generation), which is still on sale, is actually less competitive than its rivals in its class, and I believe the original manufacturer is just clearing the remaining quota. I believe that the original manufacturer is just clearing the remaining quota.

As for the new generation of X-Trail abroad, in fact, it is not that the agent does not want to introduce, but the global epidemic in the past two years, resulting in a shortage of chips and parts, even if the introduction of the new car, the original plant may not have a car to sell, and for the new 1.5L variable compression ratio turbo engine, the official will face two major problems, the first is the pricing problem, the new engine uses a lot of new technology, so The original cost will increase a lot, sell expensive consumers do not buy, sell cheap original factory to lose money. Another is that this new engine is a three-cylinder, and although Chinese consumers do not resist the three-cylinder, but in view of the new X-Trail in the Chinese market sales are dismal, only 903 units, the original factory may also be worried that China will have the same situation and delayed the launch of the new car.

Many fans will say, the new generation of Sylphy is also very good, why the original manufacturer does not introduce, that the main reason, I believe, because consumers prefer SUV models, resulting in the decline in sales of Sedan, coupled with our people’s preference for Civic and Altis, if introduced, the market will not be too big, but may face stagnant sales, bringing losses to the company, in the end, the car is In the end, the car is a business, is to make money.

Finally, Nissan does not like to launch new cars in China because they were affected by the scandal of former chairman Carlos Ghosn, which led their brand development strategy into chaos, and the top management decided to turn to the development of electric vehicles, but because the original factory is too fast for the reform of electrification, which led to the development of internal combustion engine models were put on hold, so for countries such as China, which are not very receptive to electric vehicles, they could not They are unable to come up with a car model that satisfies consumers.

Finally, in fact, Nissan has many excellent cars, but because they are not suitable for the Southeast Asian market, so they are not released in our country. We can only hope that the original manufacturer can put more effort on the Southeast Asian market in the future, such as the development of a new car for the Southeast Asian market alone, so that we can have the opportunity to see more excellent Nissan cars.

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