Why is burst strength tester used in packaging industries?

In the packaging industry, it is very important to test all properties of products for fail-safe delivery. One of the most important properties of packaging materials such as corrugated boxes is burst strength. These boxes tend to burst when subjected to compressive buckling loads. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to analog bursting strength testers. This tester accurately measures the burst strength of materials when subjected to buckling loads. There are many manufacturers in India who sell bursting strength testers at different rates. You can find good quality bursting strength tester price at affordable rates in a few places.  This article provides information about burst strength testers and their benefits in the packaging industry.

Introduction of Bursting Strength Tester Analog

The Bursting Strength Tester Analog Model is he one of the most economical and highly accurate testers available for measuring the bursting strength of materials. You can easily measure the burst strength of various products such as paper, cardboard, and cardboard. This tester is based on the principle that a product will burst when hydrostatic pressure is applied to it. Burst strength testing can be used to determine the durability of packaging materials.

This testing device adequately measures the explosive force of materials under torsional stress. A burst force tester is a reliable indicator of the force and overall performance of many materials. The Bursting Power Tester is ideal for testing large amounts of material to determine its quality, power, and overall performance. Widely used by industries and organizations, it has established itself as a verified and trusted device. This tester can easily test the blast resistance level of many of these items. This tester works on the principle that a product expands under a hydrostatic load. Bursting force testing can therefore be used to determine the strength of packaging materials.

The lab testers are manufactured according to industry standards such as ASTM D 3786-01, ASTM D 3786 – 80A, and ISO 1060 PART-1 1987. You can use a certified tester to test the strength and durability of your packaged products.

Features of the Burst Strength Tester

With this lab test device, you get a lot of features. Advanced features are available on this tester, from the firm, strong grip clamp to the easy-to-use, easy-to-press buttons. Below, we have compiled a list of this testing tool.

  • It is easy to install and provides highly accurate test results.
  • Easy to test with one push button.
  • Specimen groove structure to prevent product slippage.
  • Support sample as is. Working wheel specimen fixing handle
  • Fully equipped with calibration facilities
  • Great performance with less effort

These are some of the amazing features you get with an analog burst strength tester. Now let’s focus on the technical specs you get with this lab tester.

Specification of Burst Strength Tester Analog

This highly economical test equipment provides accurate test results. By testing all characteristics of the packaging materials such as corrugated board, cardboard, etc., we are able to deliver the product accurately. Burst strength can be used to calculate a material’s resistance at a given burst force.

The Amazing Advantages of Bursting Strength Testers in the Packaging Industry

Here we have listed some of its amazing benefits

  • Using this tester to test your products can help reduce packaging issues. Research also shows that providing a quality product that is free of damage results in higher profits.
  • This laboratory test equipment allows you to analyze the properties of packaging materials. Analyzing various characteristics such as strength, durability, etc. of the packing material ensures that the product will not be damaged during transportation.
  • This tester is cheap and affordable. This makes it easy for small packaging companies to purchase this tester within their limited budget.
  • The ergonomic structure allows the test to be performed without the sample slipping.
  • Another great advantage of using this tester is the built-in calibration function. Thus you can see the numerous benefits of a bursting strength tester and you can find the best of this equipment and more at Testronix Instruments.
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