10 Video Games That You Can Organize Things

Cleaning up and putting things away can be very therapeutic at times. This can be helped by these video games.

Because there are so many video games out there now, you can do almost anything while playing one. You can easily spend hours exploring open worlds full of secrets and bosses. By the time the credits roll, you’ll have become a god-like warrior. You could also spend that time getting things in order.

After a long day, it’s hard to jump into the newest triple-A game. If you want to relax without having to fight hordes of enemies or pay attention to a story with a lot of talking, shorter puzzle video games are a great choice. Over the years, organization games have become more popular. So if you want to put some things where they belong, these are the ones you should try first.

Fill Up Fridge

Even though you don’t have to clean out your fridge, it’s nice to have everything in its place. If you’re one of the few people who likes putting away condiments, snacks, and other tasty things. There are a lot of apps for your phone that you can use to enjoy the activity.

Fill Up Fridge is a good choice because it keeps things simple and fun. In each level, you have to put groceries away by sorting them by height, size, and more. Fill Up Fridge is a great game to play when you only have a few minutes to kill. This is because each level is short.

Viscera Cleanup Detail

Getting things in order doesn’t always mean putting things where they belong. Sometimes all you need to do is clean the dust or blood off of something or an area. You play as a worker who has to clean up after an alien invasion in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Even though the aliens didn’t take over, they did leave quite a mess behind. You’ll need to use a variety of tools to get everything back to normal. Viscera Cleanup Detail does a great job of offering a lot of fun things to help get the job done, like incinerators and “wet floor” signs.

Organizing Cats Neatly

The main idea of Organizing Cats Neatly is that cats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In this puzzle game, you have to look at a grid and try to fit a group of cats on it.

Cats like to pose in weird ways, which makes it hard to tell how much space they will take up. With more than 80 puzzles to solve, Organizing Cats Neatly gives you quick and fun challenges that will make you wonder how many cats you could actually fit in your house.

PC Building Simulator

Building a PC can be a time-consuming job, especially if you’ve never done it before. From looking for the right parts to finally putting them all together. It’s easy to see why some people might skip this step and buy a PC that’s already been put together.

PC Building Simulator and its sequel will not only help you figure out where to start when building your own comput. But they are also a lot of fun to play if you like putting things together from scratch. PC Building Simulator is a great game to play if you need to put off building a real computer because the music is so relaxing. You can play it for hours while putting off building a real computer.

Save Room

People often say that Resident Evil 4 is one of the best and most important games ever made. It had a great third-person view that gave the series a short boost. A story with lots of action, and one of the best inventory systems since Diablo 2. In the game, each item or weapon takes up a certain amount of space. And you have to move them around to fit as many as possible in your case.

Save Room is a whole game built around this mechanic. Its look and sound are similar to those of Resident Evil 4. In Save Room, you don’t have to worry about fighting zombies. Instead, you need to organize your inventory and heal your character to move on to the next level.

I Love Hue

In many video games that are about putting things in order, you have to move things from one place to another. I Love Hue is a mobile game that takes away the usual things we move in video games and replaces them with bands of color that you have to re-arrange by shade.

Each puzzle is beautiful to look at and very relaxing to figure out. Putting colors in order by color is very relaxing in a way that not many video games can match, which makes this one of the more unique video games in the genre. Even though an I Love Hue puzzle isn’t very long. The happiness and satisfaction you feel when you solve it will last longer than you might think.

Wilmot’s Warehouse

If you’ve ever been in a big factory, warehouse, or the back of your local Walmart. You might have wondered how people can find anything in such big places. People probably don’t realize how much organization goes into keeping these places clean. And Wilmot’s Warehouse is a great place to get a feel for what it must be like to do this job.

Wilmot’s Warehouse looks simple, but if you’re looking for depth and challenge, it has more than you might think. At the start of each puzzle, you have to put a shipment of items in any order you want. After a certain amount of time has passed, you’ll start getting orders. And your score will depend on how quickly you finish them. Depending on how well you do in this about ten-hour organization game. You can eventually unlock new skills and bigger warehouses.


Most video games about putting things in order are meant to be relaxing, but Tetris can quickly become stressful when you run out of places to put your bricks. Tetris is the original game about putting things in the right place to get the highest score or. In the battle royale-inspired Tetris 99, to get rid of all the other players.

As we’ve already said, Tetris is more difficult than relaxing. Which is probably why it’s been so popular for so long. You can play this classic puzzle game on almost every modern platform or device. It has a lot of different modes that let you play it almost any way you want. It’s not as relaxing as other puzzle games. But there aren’t many games that give you the same feeling as when you get a new high score in Tetris.

A Little To The Left

In games like Sudoku and Slope Game, you have to solve the same kind of puzzles that get harder and harder. Even if they are fun at first, they can get boring after a while and lose their appeal. This problem is solved in A Little to the Left by giving you more than one puzzle to solve instead of just one.

You will have to stack, line up, and put things together, like in many organization games. But each stage of A Little to the Left is different and keeps things interesting. A cat that hangs out in the area and sometimes gets in the way of your progress makes each puzzle a little harder.


No one is looking forward to moving. Having to store your whole life in heavy boxes that you have to carry down stairs. And up stairs a steep slope, and then down more stairs is a terrible situation that you shouldn’t even wish on your worst enemy. Even though the trip was hard, it almost feels like it was worth it when you start unpacking your things. And finally have time to think about your past and look forward to a fresh start.

Unpacking is a short puzzle game that perfectly captures the feeling of moving from your childhood home to your first apartment and beyond. Each stage has you open boxes, and most of the rooms in the house can be changed in any way you want. It has a subtle story that’s mostly told through the things the main character decides to bring with her from place to place. The music adds a certain mood to the game. That makes you feel like you’re playing it for the first time, even if it’s your first time.

By Cary Grant

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