The Top 15 PC Abandonware Games

To find out more about the best free abandonware games, keep reading. It won’t be long before the software’s creators stop supporting it and stop getting official updates and bug fixes. However, these games circulate online and are sought after by millions of individuals who want to relive their youth due to the players’ fervor and affection.

We have compiled a list of the top PC abandonware games so you can relive old memories. There is always room to rediscover your inner child, and playing some of the games on this list may help.

The Best PC Abandonware Games

Here is a list of the top free abandonware games on Reddit that people still look for and play today. These games have long dominated people’s hearts.

Oregon Trail Deluxe


The greatest PC abandonware game of all time is Oregon Trail Deluxe. It is a gem from 1992 that many kids from the 1980s and 1990s remember from their early years. Although it was initially created for educational purposes and is based on American history in the 19th century, the game is nevertheless worthwhile to try out because of the difficulties settlers faced on the trip and in their daily life.

The Lion King

One of the best PC abandonedware games is Lion King. Unfortunately, it is also a fictional film adaptation of the same name. You play the role of Simba and follow his path from cub to king in this 1994 game. Unfortunately, the game’s escalating difficulty requires a considerable level of skill, and the soundtrack is taken directly from the movie.


One of the most played Windows abandonware games is Doom. Since its debut in 1993, this renowned shooting game has enjoyed popularity among gamers. It is regarded as one of the most influential games since it significantly influenced the switch from the 2D to the 3D world and contributed to the development of modern video games.


The 1988 album Contra still makes people think of their younger years in the 1990s. The names of the setting and characters are two major areas where the 1988 version and the original diverge. In this multiplayer game, two counterterrorism agents protect the globe from invading terrorists.

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On the PC, NEED FOR SPEED II: SE is one of the best abandoned games. While growing up, everyone was familiar with this name. This game was crucial in hastening the development of video games in 1997. There are four more vehicles than the original, and the tracks are longer, among other improvements. Additionally, there is a substantial amount of speed variance.

Sid Meier’s Civilization

Sid Meier’s Civilization, one of the best Abandonware PC games, combined every gaming type that was popular in the 1980s. The game had both city planning and combat, as its name would imply. From the Stone Age to modern advancements, civilization is also very good for education.

Hercules from Disney

Disney’s Hercules is based on the film of the same name, as the name suggests. It was first made available by Disney Interactive in 1997. Later stages use a 3D interface rather than a 2D one.

Prince of Persia

Middle Eastern-themed abandonware game Prince of Persia is one of the most well-known and well-liked games ever. This cinematic game from 1989 was one of the first of its kind and opened the way for the future development of cinematic fantasy games.

The Captain Comic Adventures

Adventures of Captain Comic was one of the most well-liked DOS games in 1991 when the enhanced version of the game was launched. You can take on the role of Captain Comic in the game, who must use his shooting prowess to gather treasures from various planets.


Tarzan from Disney

Are you still trying to find the top and most well-liked Abandonware Games PC in 2023? Tarzan, a Disney movie, continues the tradition of fantasy films arriving in theaters the same year as the main event. The 3D graphics are what set this production apart from earlier ones. You can play this game at whichever level of difficulty you like. As Tarzan, you can choose from a variety of uncommon combat techniques.

Halo: Combat Evolved 11. Best Gaming Consoles 2020

First-person shooter Halo: Combat Evolved was released for the Xbox in 2001, so it’s not quite old. This game is on the list despite the fact that there have already been a ton of first-person shooter games created because of its fervent following.


In SimAnt, one of the best-rated Abandonware Games, you are in charge of a colony of ants whose objectives are to gather food and protect the queen. In this 1991 DOS-based platform game, you will also have to fight against red ants. It was a part of the SimClassic Pack, which also included some interesting Sims games.

Geometry Dash

To complete a level, the player must go to the level’s end point. To move the block, the player must press or hold a button. The level will restart at the beginning if the player collides with an obstruction. The practice mode in Geometry Dash is the only exception to this rule, allowing the user to set checkpoints to inspect or train the level before it is considered complete. The game’s music’s time and rhythm are important elements that are frequently connected.

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