11 Benefits of Using Zeon Zoysia

People must take various steps when planning to build a house, sports grounds, and recreational parks. These steps include planning the budget, creating the architecture, what things should be included in it, and, most importantly, deciding whether to install zeon zoysia or put down artificial grass or turf. 

Reasons for using Zeon Zoysia

You have to understand first why experts have singled out Emerald Zoysia. The best thing about this grass is that it is not laid like ordinary grass by seeding. It is manufactured in the form of mats on special farms. Then they are rolled and laid on the previously prepared ground. Following are the reasons why this sod grass is preferred.

  1. Great Heat Tolerance Ability

If the lawn in your house will be under the sunlight most of the day, this grass is the best choice. In the areas where the temperature sometimes gets the hottest and, on other occasions, it becomes colder; this sod grass can be installed. Applying water at the recommended time to keep the sod grass well at a high temperature has to be noted.

  1. Grow Well in Shady Areas

Another great point that makes this grass superior to ordinary and artificial grass is that it can also be laid with shade. In many lawn areas, sunlight reaches the grass for only four hours. If this is the situation, even then, you can choose centipede sod.

  1. Resist Heavy Foot Traffic

When constructing recreational and children’s parks and sports grounds, you should expect lots of running, walking, and playing with sporting equipment. Damage to normal and artificial grass is certain, but with Emerald Zoysia, this is not the case. The reason is the thick texture and the density of the leaves that can resist damage done by heavy foot traffic. 

  1. No Development of Diseases and Weeds

Another benefit of the density of the grass is that it prevents the growth of weeds and other grasses that prevents the proper growth of sod grass. The plugs of this grass are closely meshed to create a thick and heavy look, thus preventing the development of diseases and weeds.

  1. Maintenance of Wholesale Sod Requires Less Effort

The company from where you have ordered sod grass, including Atlanta Sod Farms, will give you instructions on how to take care of the newly-installed sod. These are really simple steps to follow. One inch of water has to be applied only once a week. Fertilizers containing slow-releasing nitrogen should be applied yearly. When the blades of the grass reach one to one and a half inches, mowing becomes necessary.

  1. Good Choice for Small Areas as Well

If you have a house with a small lawn and are thinking of installing grass in it, then sod grass can be a good option. They are manufactured in mats to cut into the desired length and shape. Also, they can be installed in backyards where there is less space.

  1. Gives Fresh Look to the Lawn

Othe qualities of Emerald Zoysia are that all grass mats grow at an equal speed. This is the reason why the grass appears to be symmetrical in texture and looks. The beautiful emerald colour of the grass gives a fresh look to your lawn.

  1. Helps Improve the Environment

There are several environmental benefits that sod grasses give you. These are making the air cooler, producing oxygen in plenty, absorbing foot noises, and purifying the air. All these points are important for the improvement of the environment.

It is now time that you know why experts have rejected the idea of installing artificial grass on your lawn. Many people provide various reasons for artificial grass, but several arguments are given against its use. The arguments given that reject the installation of artificial grass are;

  1. No need to replace the entire grass bed

When the sod grass is injured, that specific part is removed and replaced with a new one. But when artificial turf is damaged, you have to install grass in the whole area. So, the grass has to be carefully used, and no heavy running or walking should be done on the artificial grass.

  1. Cost of Installation is not Expensive

Artificial turf is the most expensive of all grasses as it costs from $5 to $25 per square foot. Many times the installation cost is separately charged. If you are looking for good-quality artificial grass, you might have to pay more than the amount mentioned above.

11. Cleaning the Grass is not  Problematic

Artificial grass maintenance is more difficult as you regularly remove leaves, debris, and small pebbles. You must be careful when removing the debris as it might damage the artificial grass.

All of the points mentioned above should have convinced you that zeon zoysia is the best choice for your lawn and why experts reject installing artificial grass. 

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