School fees at international schools in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is one of the most cosmopolitan and international cities in South East Asia, and it is a popular tourist and business travel destination. Its claim to fame is not just the magnificent Petronas Towers, but also its lively markets and diverse array of restaurants. As a significant center of commercial trade and commerce, Kuala Lumpur has a large number of ex-pats residing there in the role of business people or working professionals. As Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur is also home to a high number of diplomats.

The majority of expatriates who live in Malaysia with their families enroll their children in one of the many excellent international schools in Kuala Lumpur. Schools in kl are managed by some of the world’s most well-known school chains and provide their students with some of the world’s top curricula. It is not unexpected that these international schools in Kuala Lumpur are popular not just among ex-pats but also among locals due to the excellent education standards that they provide. Fees for international schools in Kuala Lumpur vary by institution and are influenced by the services they provide to students.

Let’s have a look at the major international schools in Kuala Lumpur and the rates they charge.

Global Indian International School, Kuala Lumpur

This international school in Kuala Lumpur is renowned among the city’s ex-pat Indian community since it teaches both the Indian CBSE curriculum and the British Cambridge curriculum. They charge a total annual cost of RM 16,727.60 for KG 1 and KG 2, and RM 29,243.60 for Class 11 Fees 2023 (CBSE).

British International School Of Kuala Lumpur

As the name implies, this is a large international school in Kuala Lumpur that is highly regarded for providing a British education to its students. Their annual fees range from RM 45,600 for pre-nursery to RM 99, 970 for year 13.

The International School of Kuala Lumpur

This is another of Kuala Lumpur’s highly respected international schools, which is well-liked by both the local and expat populations. They charge a yearly fee of RM 59000 for Prep Reception and RM 120,400 for grades 9 to 12.

IGB International School

IGB Foreign School is one of Malaysia’s most popular international schools. It charges an annual fee of RM 70,100 for grade one and RM 95,800 for grade twelve.

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Tips Valley

Tips Valley is a popular school among foreign parents who are pleased with the results their children achieve after attending this school. The annual price is also quite inexpensive, ranging from RM 15000 for Foundation 1-Year 1 to RM 22500 for Year 7. 


When it comes to international school costs in Kuala Lumpur, keep in mind that the majority of these institutions are world-class, with cutting-edge amenities and facilities. Aside from that, they only hire the most qualified and experienced instructors. These schools’ curricula are among the best in the country. Add to it the fact that these schools are mostly privately run, and you’d expect them to charge more fees than government-aided schools. Having said that, most private international schools in Kuala Lumpur do not charge extravagant or unjustified costs.

It also varies by school, with significant differences in tuition imposed by the most expensive international schools and the least expensive international schools. Furthermore, several of these foreign institutions provide scholarships to students who succeed in academics and sports.

The fee imposed by a school is a significant consideration when selecting an international school for one’s child, although it is not the most crucial. For example, for an ex-pat parent, the curriculum supplied by the school to its children, as well as the medium of instruction used, may be more essential. Other parents would be concerned about the school’s sports facilities. Then there are those who are concerned with how far the school is from one’s house.

When all is said and done, parents who consider sending their children to international schools aren’t exactly broke. The majority are either well-paid foreigners or moderately well-off locals who are willing to pay the higher fees imposed by most international schools. In any event, Malaysian international schools are among the greatest in the world, and sending one’s children to these educational institutions bodes well for the future.

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