5 Ways to Support Small Businesses

The pandemic hit us all hard. We grieved the loss of loved ones and our health. Many people lost their jobs and we missed what we used to consider normal. Simple things like being able to go for a walk and meet our friends became anomalies. Small businesses were affected terribly because of covid-19 and many were even forced to close down.  

Thankfully, the pandemic has subsided and we are slowly moving forward in life. Many people have decided to pursue their passion and break the monotony of an office job after facing the dire circumstances brought by the pandemic. 

We must encourage the small businesses and the new businesses to help them grow. You can do more than you realize and help them gain customers. 

Here are a few ways you can support small businesses in your capacity. 

Like and share!

Social media is a powerful tool capable of making a huge impact. It is no longer just a means of staying in touch with your friends; it is so much more. It is a part of social-political campaigns and is used to raise awareness. It has also given a voice to issues, groups, and communities who felt they did not have one. 

So, it is not surprising that it has become an integral part of marketing and engaging customers. You can share the Instagram page, website, or Facebook page on your social media handles and promote small businesses. Liking and sharing the content they create will help increase their engagement so more people will notice their online presence. To do exactly that, you need to find internet providers that offer a stable internet connection. All you have to do is dial the Windstream number and the customer service representative will hook up with the right internet plan for your needs.

Your loyalty is important

Keep buying from local businesses and small businesses to support them. It helps them stay afloat and small businesses need loyal customers.

Plus, what people don’t realize is that consistency is key. Let’s say a small business has made a YouTube channel, you sharing their content once or asking your friends to subscribe will surely bring an influx of subscribers. However, greater numbers but not enough engagement and consistent views will cause the algorithm to discourage their videos. Keep in mind that consistent engagement is necessary. 

Gift cards and reviews

After you have bought a product from a small business or got a service they provide, leave a review online. This may require a bit of effort on your part but could help the business greatly. People are generally reluctant to try a product/service with little or no reviews. Seeing your testimonial/review on a product may help other people confide in that business and increase their customers.

Another way you can support a small business is to give your friends and family gift cards from them. This gives other people the opportunity to try new products and if they enjoy them, they can continue to support that particular business.  

Be kind

Being kind to everyone is important. However, be kind to small businesses especially given how much they have suffered financially and otherwise over the past few years. Just say thank you, it will light up their day. Customer service can be a daunting job, just hearing something nice brightens up your day. 

Furthermore, be patient when dealing with small businesses. If they have a delayed service or something similar, just be patient. Understand that they are working with limited resources and trying their best.

Sign-up for their email list

Email marketing has survived the test of time and is here to stay. As email continues to be a relevant way to stay connected, businesses continue to employ it as an important aspect of their marketing strategy. Signing up for the newsletter of a small business is a great way to support them.

Businesses try their best to personalize the emails to make the experience better for you. When it is a small business, it is usually one or two people behind curating a very thoughtful email marketing strategy. By signing up for it, you assure them of their effort making a difference.  

In a nutshell

It’s difficult running a business, especially in these high inflation and post-pandemic times. Small businesses suffer more because of these problems, given the limited number of resources they have. 

Little efforts and some kind words from you can turn things around. It is okay if you are on a bit of a tight budget and can’t help by buying something. You can help by spreading the word around or maybe offering your services. 

By Michael Caine

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