In Canada, you may get the greatest exchange rates.

The greatest conversion rates in Canada are provided by Interchange Financial Currency Exchange when converting funds in your bank account or exchanging cash.

lower rates than what banks offer.

We frequently get asked how we can outperform the exchange rates offered by banks and other financial institutions. Simply put, given our market-leading capabilities and resources as leaders in the foreign exchange industry, a generalist bank or smaller companies simply cannot compete with us. These benefits lead to daily improvements in exchange rates for our clients. Our company’s mission is to provide Canadians with the most competitive conversion rates on all currency exchange services. Are you utilizing your bank account to convert US money to Canadian dollars? You can get better exchange rates from us. Will you need foreign currency for your journey? We can also assist you. Do you transfer funds internationally in order to purchase a home? We can also help you with that. Each time, we provide you with superior exchange rates, convert your funds swiftly and securely, and enable you to make significant financial savings.

We are honest and upfront. There are no charges.

We do not charge anything at all. We also take pride in being upfront and truthful about the prices and services we offer. The prices at Interchange Currency Exchange are set and cannot be changed. You can reserve exchange rates at your convenience, and you can conduct the transaction online or in person at one of our locations. What you paid for was exactly what you got. As a result, the majority of our clients are repeat clients, and the majority of our new clients come through referrals.

We can always provide exchange services.

In addition to the common currencies listed above, our clients frequently exchange Australian dollars, British pounds, Canadian dollars, Chinese yuan, Hong Kong dollars, Swiss francs, and Japanese yen. We can carry out transactions in a total of over 70 currencies that are accepted around the world.

We offer distinctive exchange services, in contrast to other exchange businesses.

Our company was established on the belief that Canadians should receive better exchange rates than those provided by traditional financial institutions roughly 20 years ago. We have now established ourselves as one of Canada’s largest independent currency exchange specialists.

Accounts are traded for cash.

This service is for you if you have a US dollar buy sell bank account in Canada and want to convert money inside your accounts at a better exchange rate. You can make a reservation over the phone, online, or by coming in-person to one of our locations. Everything is done online using our ICS Service, which makes use of your present bank accounts. For this service, additional significant currencies are also available.

Services for Payment: Money Transfer

We offer payment services in several major currencies to clients all around the world. We can assist you in converting money at rates that are significantly less expensive than what would otherwise be achievable when moving money in a foreign currency from one account to another.


When converting money in your bank account or exchanging cash, Interchange Financial Currency Exchange offers the best conversion rates in Canada.

How we can outperform the exchange rates provided by banks and other financial organizations is a question we are regularly asked.

We don’t impose any fees at all. We also take pleasure in being open and straightforward about the cost and quality of our offerings.

Popular currencies, including Australian dollars, British pounds, Canadian dollars, Chinese yuan, Hong Kong dollars, Swiss francs, and Japanese yen, are also commonly used by our clients in their transactions.

By Michael Caine

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