Causes Of A Non-functioning Garage Door Keypad

You know how aggravating it is to contact Garage Door Companies in CT when your door keypad is broken. These issues can usually be solved quickly and easily, although they may be more complex on rare occasions. We’ll go through seven potential causes of a non-functioning keypad and some solutions in this article.

Garage door keypads are often the target of burglaries if you’re like the average person. Maintaining its functionality is essential to the success of your home security system. This article will look at seven typical causes of a malfunctioning keypad and provide solutions.

It Seems Like You Need The Services Of Garage Door Companies In CT.

If you tried to enter your garage but received no response from the keypad, the PIN has most likely expired. This may happen for several reasons, including the loss or misplacement of the key. There might be an issue with the door if you’re certain you’ve inserted the key and turned it in, but it still won’t open. Sometimes the keypad may stop operating because a wire has snapped within the lock.

No Power In The Battery

Garage door companies can help if your keypad stops responding for several reasons. A dying battery is by far the most typical problem. If the battery is dead, see if the door can still be opened using Garage Door Companies in CT. A decent battery test is an open door, so long as the door stays open. The battery may be dead if the door will not open. If you suspect a faulty battery, you may swap it out for a fresh one to see if that helps. If a fresh battery does not solve the issue, the circuit board inside the keypad may be defective.

Faulty Wires

A broken wire is usually to blame when your garage door keypad stops functioning. Over time, the insulation on the wires may damage due to too much moisture and dust, leading to a break or fraying. It may impede the keypad’s ability to transmit signals to the opener, preventing the door from opening. If the door does not open when you press the keypad, the wiring may be at fault. To determine what’s wrong and how to repair it, you need to inspect the wires directly. You may get new ones if the old ones wear out.

There Is A Weak Link Between The Buttons

The connection between the buttons is weak. An unreliable connection between the button and the garage door controller is the most prevalent cause of a malfunctioning button. To see whether the control unit’s battery is at fault, try removing and replacing it. You must replace the button or the control unit if the issue continues.

Old Keyboard

So your keypad is malfunctioning, and you can’t figure out why. Do not be concerned. You can tell whether your keypad is old or needs repair with a few easy checks. Try inserting a standard garage door opener sold by Garage Door Companies in CT into the keypad’s slot and pressing the button to see if it works.

It may be time to call in the experts if you’ve already checked the wiring and buttons on your keypad and it isn’t functioning. It’s possible that your garage door won’t work until you replace the old or faulty keypad with a brand-new one. A second electric garage door opener is used as a backup if the first one fails.

Broken Code

It’s possible that the keypad to your garage door is broken and in need of repair. The sensor will let you know through the keypad when your garage door is open.

It’s possible the battery isn’t retaining a charge. Therefore, it won’t function if the battery dies. Test the keypad to see whether power is released when the button is pressed. If the electricity in your home suddenly goes out, you should look for Garage Door Companies in CT. If your keypad still doesn’t function after doing the troubleshooting as mentioned earlier steps, it may be time to get it repaired.

Locked-up key

The keys got stuck in your garage door keypad if you’re having trouble operating it. There are a few potential causes for this, including corrosion on the metal components of the key or the presence of dirt or debris between the key and the pad. It’s probably time to replace the keypad if your garage door doesn’t open when you insert the key in the right slot.


A common problem for many homes is a malfunctioning garage door keypad. If the door doesn’t open when you enter the correct code or pressing the buttons has no effect, it may need to be fixed.
When you’re ready to finish fixing your car, contact Speedy Garage Services, and we’ll help you out. We can assist you if you are unsure how to fix your garage door.

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