Reasons Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air & Ways To Fix

If your furnace is pumping chilly air into your house, there may be a problem with the flame detector, gas supply, air filter, pilot light, or condensate lines. Additionally, these problems may be quickly fixed by disinfecting or replacing gas furnace parts. Let’s talk about how you can handle these problems on your own or get Furnace Repair Services In Fort Worth TX. This way, keep your place comfortable throughout winter.

Furnace Repair Services In Fort Worth TX – Causes of Your Furnace’s Lack of Warm Air Production

Damage to the Pilot Light

If the air from your furnace feels cold, checking to see that the pilot light on your gas system is lit and functioning properly can be a smart idea. In addition, the burners cause your gas furnace to produce heat. It’s not uncommon for the pilot to light on older gas furnaces to give people trouble. We recommend consulting the instruction booklet packaged with your furnace whenever you need to relight the pilot.

Locate the reset toggle and pilot light assembly

Locating the pilot assembly and its reset toggle is the first step to take if you want to relight the pilot light on your own. Additionally, reset toggles are usually around furnace bases. Moreover, please consult your instruction box if you are having trouble locating the pilot light assembly and reset switch. To turn off the gas, locate the reset toggle and then move it so it is in the off position. If you cannot manage it, you should bring in specialists to replace or repair the furnace.

On should be selected from the Reset Switch’s drop-down menu.

To let more gas escape the furnace chamber, wait a few minutes before turning the reset switch on. Additionally, place the toggle on the position to supply gas to the pilot light, After making these adjustments to the setting, you should look for the reset button on your furnace and continue to hold it down while lighting a match in front of the pilot light.

The pilot light will start to develop a flame, which you can see. Moreover, release the reset button once you are able to manage to ignite a flame. Congratulations! Your furnace should turn on to heat your house after successfully re-lit the pilot light. Get Furnace Repair Services In Fort Worth, TX, if you need help re-igniting your pilot light.

Dirt & grime on the flame detector

Furnaces without pilot lights can only heat using flame detectors. If your flame detector is dirty, your furnace will blast cold air and lose heat. You might also count on our team of HVAC professionals for HVAC Parts Maintenance to clean the flame detector and restart the heating system.

The Air Filter limits Airflow

Dirty air filters block gas furnace airflow. Additionally, dirty air filters cause long heating cycles and overheating. Overheating causes your heater to circulate cold air. We recommend replacing the unclean air filter to restore warm air in your house. Since the new air filter allows circulation, your gas furnace won’t overheat.

House Gas Shortage

Your gas supply line may be faulty if your heater blows cold air and raise the need to get Furnace Replacement Services.

Sadly, there is no quick cure for this problem on your own. Moreover, we advise hiring a qualified HVAC expert to handle gas furnace repairs.

Condensate Lines are Obstructed

Have you observed that your home’s furnace is not operating properly? Condensate drain pipes remove moisture from modern furnaces. Additionally, the burners may go out if there is a clog in the condensate pipes, resulting in the furnace blowing chilly air into your house.

Damage to Your Ductwork

Your home’s ductwork may have gaps and fractures that are causing the furnace to blast chilly air. These varying sizes of apertures enable chilly attic air to enter the air ducts. Even though your furnace is pumping warm air and is operating correctly, it may have leaked by the time the air reaches your vents. Moreover, sealing ducts would improve warm air delivery to vents.

On rather than Auto is selected on the thermostat.

We advise verifying that your home’s thermostat is set to Auto. If your heater blows cold air. Even without heat, your furnace runs all day. To guarantee that the gas furnace in your house will only operate during the normal heating process, change this thermostat set to the Auto channel.

Wrapping Up

Are you experiencing furnace problems? Aircules Mechanical experts provide trusted furnace repair and installation services. We also provide further HVAC services, such as repairing or replacing air conditioners. 

By Michael Caine

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