From What Age Can You Use A Kids hoverboards

It is the typical question that we find ourselves almost daily regarding the use of a hoverboard. In principle, we can say that the recommended age is not always the same for everyone since it depends a lot on the weight, the size of the foot (if it is standing up) and the child’s ability to understand how to drive the vehicle. The weight of the driver is very important because the sensors that carry the Kids hoverboards have to correctly capture the weight that they are supporting since if they detect that it is not the minimum allowed to circulate, it will automatically start to beep indicating that something is not right and it is an alarm. warning that almost all models on the market have.

  • On the other hand, the size of the foot is also important since the sensors are located at the ends of the pads on each side of the hoverboard.
  • In these cases, the recommended foot size should never be less than 15/16 cm for 6.5-inch hoverboards, which is the smallest tire size currently on the market.
  • Although it existed in the past and there are still some 4.5-inch tire sizes on the market, they have not really been very successful and there is little to say about them…Since the conception with which they were designed was for children from 3 /4 years old and at that age they are not yet ready to ride an electric self-balancing vehicle in a completely safe way.

What is a hoverboard?

A hoverboard is a two-wheeled portable electric device that is also commonly known as a self-balancing scooter. That is to say, it is a table or platform with two wheels and two spaces to put your feet, which works with a rechargeable battery. Most of them usually reach a speed of more than 10 kilometers per hour. The movement is controlled with the feet, applying force or dropping the weight in front, behind or to the sides, depending on where you want to move: roughly speaking, you have to throw your body forward to move forward, backwards to move. stop and go backwards, and shift your weight from one leg to the other to turn. This is the theory, but the truth is that in practice the ability and balance that each one has also influences… However, with these characteristics,the best scooters for kids

How to choose a hoverboard for Kids?

There is currently a wide variety of hoverboards on the market, but in order to know how to choose the best Hoverboards for Kids to give away, you have to look at some key aspects:

  • Obviously one of the first characteristics that we look at is the price, however, it should not be the only or the definitive one, since quality and safety must prevail.
  • It is highly recommended to make sure that the Hoverboards for Kids has the safety certificate: UL-2272 (USA) or SGS (Europe). This is usually indicated on the device itself or on its specification sheet.
  • It is also important to take into account who we are going to give the hoverboard to, how old that person is and what use they will make of it: a hoverboard is designed for leisure and fun, rather than, for example, for commuting long, for which an electric scooter may be more suitable. Hoverboards for Kids can be one of the games so that children do not get bored on vacation par excellence .
  • If it is for a small child, it is good to take into account the speed it reaches.

Other factors to analyze will also be the charging time, autonomy and weight.

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